Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 968

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 968 – I Want To See Essie

“What?” Sonya frowned. It’s bad enough that Roxanne took my granddaughter out. She even caused my granddaughter to fall ill.

Seeing that her instigation was successful, Aubree smiled ever so slightly before she promptly stopped herself.

“The person I sent to protect Essie saw it, but he doesn’t have any medical skills.

Thinking that Ms. Jarvis has a little medical knowledge and will be able to treat Essie, he didn’t reveal himself.” Sonya’s face darkened. “

Is Essie in a serious condition?” Aubree pretended to ponder before replying, “My friends who were infected told me that the pain they felt was excruciating. Essie is only a child…”

There was no need for her to continue. Sonya understood what she was implying. If a grownup could not handle the pain, let alone a child like Estella.

It’s bad enough that Roxanne abandoned Essie back then. Now she’s the one responsible for Essie’s suffering. What exactly is Roxanne’s intention?

“I wanted to go and check on Essie, but you know Lucian’s attitude.” Aubree was still trying to add fuel to the fire. Sonya frowned again and declared,

“I will go and take a look myself!” With that, she took her bag and prepared to leave. Aubree quickly stopped her.

“Mrs. Farwell, once you’re there, please don’t tell them I was the one who told you about this matter. Lucian already dislikes me.

If he finds out, I’m worried that…” That was the truth. Sonya was worried about her granddaughter.

At the same time, she also felt bad that Aubree’s painstaking efforts were not appreciated. “Don’t worry. I know what to say and what not to say.”

As soon as Sonya finished talking, she took her bag and left. Aubree did not stop her this time around. Once Sonya’s car was gone, she got up and went out.

With Sonya’s interference, Aubree believed that Lucian’s attention would be diverted. She hoped that he would focus less on the investigation of what she had done.

Meanwhile, at the Farwell residence, Cayden was standing in the study with a grim expression.

“Mr. Farwell, that private investigator is a very cunning man. After following him for a week, our men were unable to find anything.”

That was the first time that a person had been so elusive. Lucian looked somber. “Continue to follow him.”

He wanted to see how long that man could hide his secrets! Cayden acknowledged his order before turning to leave the study.

Just as he opened the door, he saw Catalina standing outside. “Mr. Farwell, Mrs. Farwell is here. She’s waiting downstairs.”

Catalina appeared a little disturbed. Lucian furrowed his brows when he heard that, and he seemed to be contemplating something.

For the past few times when his mother had come and looked for him, it was all because of Aubree.

However, he had no interaction with Aubree of late, so he had no inkling why his mother had come. It was only after a while before Lucian got up.

“Mr. Farwell, Mrs. Farwell doesn’t look too pleased,” Catalina whispered to him as he walked past her.

Lucian nodded with a deadpan expression before striding downstairs. The moment he arrived downstairs, he was greeted by the sight of his mother
sitting on the couch with an unfriendly face.

“Why have you come downstairs?” Sonya was already worried about Estella. Her son’s tardiness in greeting her had only annoyed her further.

A frown appeared on Lucian’s face, and he turned around to look at Catalina. The housekeeper did not know what to do.

Thankfully for her, Lucian did not make things difficult. He sat down on the couch and asked, “And why have you come all the way here?

If there’s anything, you can always call me, and I will go over.” All of a sudden, Sonya slammed the coffee table and raised her voice.

“I want to see Essie. What’s the point of you going over? Where’s Essie?” Lucian’s eyes darkened when he heard his mother’s outburst.

He finally understood why Catalina had looked so conflicted earlier on.

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