Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 969

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 969 – Too Anxious

Ten minutes ago, Catalina had been instructing the rest of the household staff on their chores when she heard the doorbell ring.

The moment she opened the door, she saw that it was Sonya. Before Catalina could greet her, Sonya questioned her, “Where’s Essie?

Tell Essie to come out. Tell her that her grandma is here.” Catalina was put in a difficult position.

Estella had not been in the manor for the past few days. She had thought that the little girl was with Sonya. However, judging from Sonya’s reaction, Catalina knew there and then that Estella was with Roxanne.

It was obvious that Sonya must have discovered that, and that explained her anger. As a servant, Catalina did not know how to answer her question.

In the end, she replied, “I will inform Mr. Farwell right away.” She was about to go and seek help from Lucian when Sonya stopped her in her

“I want to see Essie. If she doesn’t come down, I will go up myself.” With that, she began to walk upstairs.

Catalina had no choice but to lie and claim that she would get Estella when, in fact, she went upstairs to look for Lucian.

Sitting next to his mother, Lucian knew he could not hide the truth anymore. He told her honestly, “Essie isn’t here.”

Sonya looked even more upset when she heard that. “What do you mean by that?” “Essie is not here right now, and you won’t be seeing her,” Lucian repeated calmly.

The moment he stopped talking, Sonya put down her cup. There was a loud sound when the cup hit the table. “Where is she?”

Sonya had her own conclusion, but she still wanted to hear it from her son. Lucian merely frowned and said nothing.

“Is she with Roxanne?” Sonya became infuriated when Lucian remained silent. “Roxanne has caused Essie so much pain.

Why did you allow Essie to stay with her?” Lucian’s frown deepened, and he looked up at her.

He knew something was wrong when Sonya had turned up at his house out of the blue and even demanded to see Estella.

From what he had heard so far, he reckoned his mother must have found out that Estella had been infected during her recent camping trip.

Lucian’s expression darkened. “How did you find out?” Not many people knew about Estella’s condition. Furthermore, only the children,

Roxanne, and himself had had any interaction with his mother. Lucian did not believe that Roxanne would tell Sonya about Estella’s infection and certainly not the three children.

Besides them, only the private investigator and the person standing behind him knew about the matter. Lucian looked murderous.

It was only then Sonya realized she should not have said what she had said, and a hint of regret flashed across her eyes.

She had promised Aubree that she would not mention anything about Estella’s condition. Yet, she had been too anxious just now.

After calming herself down for a few seconds, Sonya asked nonchalantly, “Why wouldn’t I find out? Isn’t it enough that Essie has been suffering for so many
years because of Roxanne?”

She was referring to the incident when Roxanne abandoned Estella. Lucian was not so easily sidetracked by his mother.

He questioned Sonya coldly, “Why did you ask to see Essie the moment you arrived?”

Sonya was stumped momentarily before glaring at her son. “I heard that Essie hasn’t been at the Farwell residence for these few days.

That got me worried. hat’s wrong with that?” She then shot back a question of her own, “I have a question for you instead.

Roxanne abandoned Essie years ago. We are the ones who have brought her up. Yet, you keep sending Essie to Roxanne.

What exactly are you thinking about? Are you planning to give custody of Essie to Roxanne?”

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