Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 967

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 967 – eventually agreed to allow her to go upstairs.

Aubree responded with a nod. After plastering a smile on her face, she took the stairs and went up. Sonya had just woken up from her nap in the master
bedroom upstairs.

Upon hearing a knock on the door, she opened it right away. “Mrs. Farwell.” Aubree grinned politely. “I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

Sonya, too, responded with a smile when she realized it was Aubree. “Not at all. I just woke up.”

Aubree walked up to her and held her arm affectionately. “I brought you lots of gifts. Let’s go down and check them out.”

“Aww, you’re too sweet.” Sonya glanced at her. “You didn’t have to do that. I’m happy that you’re here.” Aubree pressed her lips and smiled. “

I have to since I haven’t visited you in a while.” They continued to exchange pleasantries as they made their way down to the living hall.

Sonya glanced at the gifts and looked away as she had no intention of opening them.

The butler collected the gifts and put them aside. After they sat on the couch, the butler served them coffee.

While Aubrey was taking a sip from the cup, her eyes flickered when an idea flashed across her mind.

“I was planning to take you to the suburbs as the landscape is gorgeous. Many of my friends have been there for a walk.”

Her suggestion aroused Sonya’s interest. But before Sonya could respond, Aubree continued, “But I heard bacteria in the wild is growing fast as the weather has turned warm.

People who have visited the place have fallen ill and suffered from vomiting and diarrhea.”

Upon hearing that, Sonya decided to put the trip on hold. “Let’s not risk it. We can always visit the suburbs some other time.”

Aubree nodded in agreement. A few seconds later, she started frowning as if something was bothering her.

Sonya could tell something was on her mind. She asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Oh…” Aubree acted as if she had come to her senses. “If I’m not mistaken, Ms. Jarvis took Essie on an outing a few days ago, so I’m not sure…”

Aubree left her sentence hanging and studied Sonya’s expression carefully.

Sonya’s face turned grim when she heard her granddaughter hanging out with Roxanne again.

Aubree gloated inwardly upon noticing the look on Sonya’s face. “How did you know they went out together?” Sonya asked.

Aubree had an answer for that. “I’ve been worried about Essie since the last time she went missing, so I have my men to watch over her whenever she leaves the house.”

Upon realizing what Aubree had done for her granddaughter, Sonya put her guard down against her and began to develop a hostile attitude toward Roxanne.

I’ve warned her many times to stay away from Essie. How dare she defy me? Aubree continued adding fuel to the fire. “

Perhaps Ms. Jarvis was merely thinking of taking Essie for a stroll and didn’t pay much attention to the environment. Now, I’m worried…”

Once again, she paused right there and did not continue. Sonya knitted her brows and asked, “Worried? What are you worried about?”

“Essie seemed to have caught an infection. I wonder how she is feeling now.” Aubree expressed her concern.

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