Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 966

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 966 – Your Wedding With Lucian

When Cory thought he could lower his guard, he noticed something was amiss.

As a professional investigator whose duty was to stalk people, he immediately realized a group of men was tailing him.

I knew he would not spare me so easily. He must be desperate to get some leads from me. A corner of Cory’s lips quirked up.

He looked back, glanced at the men and the corners they were hiding, and turned around quickly.

He then pretended nothing had happened and walked away casually.

Now that he was aware of these people, he had to be extra cautious and not give his secrets away. Besides, he could still threaten Aubree to pay him money with the photo in his hands.

Cory did not contact Aubree in the next few days to avoid arousing suspicion.

Aubree had not received any updates from the private investigator since the day Roxanne and the others went camping.

She tried calling him but to no avail. Aubree, too, began to realize something was fishy. The private investigator she hired was the cream of the crop in the industry and had a reputation for being avaricious.

Aubree believed he would not disappear without any reason since she had yet to pay him in full. They must have found out who he is.

Aubree’s heart skipped a beat when that thought crossed her mind. She gritted her teeth and deleted the number from her contact list.

She did not think Roxanne was alert enough to expose the private investigator.

The only person capable of exposing Cory’s identity, she reckoned, was Lucian. All leads would eventually point to her should Lucian continue with his

She could not imagine the consequences she had to face. Aubree’s anxiety grew when she could not reach Cory.

She felt it was time to take the matter into her hands. I don’t know how close Lucian is to the truth, but I can’t sit here and do nothing anymore!

That afternoon, Aubree went downstairs carrying a bag in her arm. “Where are you going, Aubree?” Gina asked while she was chilling in the living

Aubree stopped in her tracks for a bit. “I’m going to visit Mrs. Farwell.” Gina nodded in approval. “It’s good that you finally decided to pay her a visit.

You seem to have maintained a distance from them since you moved back from the Farwell residence. I always thought that wasn’t a nice move.”

She picked up a few more bags and put them into the car. “Here are more gifts for Mrs. Farwell.

I prepared them some time ago, so please bring them to her for me.” Looking at how her mother tried to butter the Farwell family up, Aubree could not
help but respond with a cold snort.

Gina continued reminding her, “Remember to talk to Mrs. Farwell nicely. Make her happy, and she’ll approve your wedding with Lucian.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Feeling annoyed, Aubree got into the car and slammed the door.

Gina watched as her daughter drove off. What’s wrong with her? Why did she throw a fit? Aubree drove all the way to the Farwell residence.

As she was hitting the road, thoughts were racing in her head. I have to think of a way to mention Roxanne in front of Mrs. Farwell.

Aubree knew Sonya was on her side, but if she did not take the initiative to ask for help, Sonya would tend to turn a blind eye to the things that happened around her.

Even the last time Sonya took action against Roxanne was because Aubree had instigated her. This time, what should I say to arouse Mrs. Farwell’s anger toward Roxanne?

She could not decide what to say to Sonya even when she had arrived at the Farwell residence.

Upon noticing her arrival, the butler came over, helped her with the bags, and led her to the residence.

Aubree followed right behind. There was a dark and unfathomable look in her eyes.

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