Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 965

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 965 – Walk Out Alive

The search lasted the entire morning. The grim-faced Cayden, who returned with his subordinates in the afternoon, said, “

We found nothing, Mr. Farwell.” Admittedly, Cory was an excellent private investigator. Cayden could not help but wonder how he had managed to keep in touch with his employers.

Not only did Cayden not find any evidence of how the mastermind instructed Cory to spy on Roxanne, but he also could not find proof that could expose Cory’s identity as a private investigator.

Cory began playing the sympathy card. “Mr. Farwell, I told you no one instructed me to do anything.” Lucian waited for half a day but did not get the answer he was looking for.

His eyes blazed with fury when he saw the pretentious innocent look on the culprit’s face. “If no one put you up to this, why did you stalk her?”

he asked. Cory blinked innocently. “B-Because I find Ms. Jarvis attractive. I wished to snap photos of her since I was trying my hand at photography.”

He had felt nervous before Cayden carried out his investigations, but upon realizing the latter got nothing on him, he started speaking more boldly.

Lucian was about to explode. He kept staring at Cory, giving him the killer glare.

Instead of continuously triggering him, Cory kept mum and stood quietly in the middle of the room.

“Mr. Farwell, what if we…” A cold glint flashed across Cayden’s eyes as he could not stand how the man disrespected Lucian.

There are many ways to interrogate a person. We’ll find one that can make him spill out the truth.

Cory started panicking as he could sense the murderous intent in his voice. Suddenly, Lucian’s deep voice reverberated in their ears. “Release him.”

“Mr. Farwell!” Cayden was reluctant to do so. How can we let him go when we haven’t gotten anything out of him?

Besides, we should teach him a lesson for his arrogance! Cory, too, was struck dumb. He did not expect Lucian to let him off. I can’t believe my ears!

Lucian reiterated, “Release him!” Upon noticing the expression on Lucian’s face, Cayden had no choice but to do as he said.

He gestured for his subordinates to release Cory. Never did Cory expect he could fool his way through. He dared not leave because he was unsure if they would allow him to go.

While Cory was still in a dilemma, Lucian looked over impatiently and raised his voice. “What are you waiting for? Scram!”

Cory came to his senses and immediately inclined his head in response. “All right, all right. I’ll leave now. I’ll leave.”

He staggered backward and left Lucian’s office. Cayden was boiling with rage as he stared at Cory’s back. “

Mr. Farwell, are you just going to let him off like this? I’m sure he’s not innocent!”

Lucian stared into the distance for a few seconds before replying, “Keep an eye on him.”

What’s the point of interrogating him since he refused to cooperate with us and tell us who the mastermind is?

Farwell Group may be an influential corporation, but we can’t do anything to him since we have no evidence.

He was determined to gather the evidence first. Upon hearing that, Cayden immediately understood Lucian’s logic. Mr. Farwell isn’t letting Cory off.

He wants that man to put his guard down so that he can gather more evidence.

His wrath finally dissipated when the realization dawned on him. He turned around and ordered his men to follow Cory.

Meanwhile, Cory heaved a sigh of relief after stepping out of the lobby of Farwell Group.

As a private investigator with decades of experience, he had heard a thing or two about Lucian.

Rumors had it that Lucian was a cruel man who did not wear his heart on his sleeve.

He had thought they would kill him today. Being able to walk out of the building alive is a miracle.

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