Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 964

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 964 – Search His Workplace

As soon as Cory finished speaking, he suddenly heard a rustle. He carefully lifted his head and saw Lucian standing up from the desk, walking in his direction.

Lucian was already exuding a domineering aura when he was seated. Cory only felt suffocated when the man suddenly stood up.

Lucian stood before Cory with a straight face. In an icy voice, he said, “It’s a slipup on my part. You’re a private investigator. It’s only natural for you to speak after I pay you.”

With that, Lucian glanced at Cayden. Cayden understood instantly. He got a check and handed it to Lucian. Cory only heard the sound of light footsteps.
Then, a slender and defined hand was waving a check before his eyes.

“Tell me who did it, and this check will be yours. You’re free to write whatever amount you want,” Lucian said in a softer tone.

Cory fixed his eyes on the check. He had been a private investigator for many years. Naturally, he only had his eyes on the money.

Cory knew that the amount he could write on the check promised by Lucian was nearly limitless.

If the things from yesterday had not happened, he would have sold Aubree out in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, Lucian was angered by the things that had happened yesterday. In just a matter of minutes, Cory had thought of all the possibilities.

Aubree would probably drag me down together if I were to sell her out. She might even tell Lucian that I was the one who told her about Roxanne and the other’s whereabouts.

What if Aubree told Lucian that I saw her doing everything but chose to do nothing?

No matter how awful Aubree has been, she’s still someone acquainted with Farwell Group. On top of that, she’s the daughter of a wealthy family.

As long as Lucian cares about the Pearsons’ reputation, the only one to suffer will be me! Cory made up his mind at the thought of that.

He and Aubree were in the same boat. He could not risk it all just for money! Cory tore his gaze away from the check.

Feigning calmness, he said, “I really have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. Farwell. No one ordered me to do it.

I’m also unaware if anyone added anything to Ms. Jarvis’ drink.” Lucian stopped waving the check as soon as Cory finished his sentence.

At that moment, Cory felt as if his heart had stopped beating. He could not help but fear that Lucian would go hard on him.

Yet, Lucian only looked Cory up and down with a hint of impatience in his eyes.

The private investigator before me knows everything, but he’s just too stubborn.

“You better think carefully. Farwell Group could provide you with greater perks than your previous boss did. If you confess now, I’ll let you off.

However, if you continued being stubborn and I were to find out anything after today, everything would be different,” Lucian said.

After giving Cayden the check, he turned around and sat at his desk. Cory trembled inwardly. Carefully, he lifted his head to sneak a glance before
quickly lowering his head again.

Even in that split second, he could see how bone-chilling Lucian’s gaze was. The thought of whether Lucian’s words matched his thoughts terrified Cory.

“There’s really no one. You can get people to check my workplace if you don’t believe me,” Cory said, forcing himself to be calm.

Lucian’s eyes darkened as his probing gaze swept past Cory. There’s only one possibility for him to suggest that… He’s already prepared.

Other than that, he’s also as stubborn as a mule. Lucian knew there would still be no answer to his question even if he continued forcing Cory, so he took up Cory’s suggestion.

He turned to Cayden. “Get some people to search his workplace.” Cayden agreed without hesitation before ordering people to escort Cory away.

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