Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 963

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 963 – Who Told You To Stalk Her

Meanwhile, Lucian, too, ordered Cayden to investigate the issue. With Farwell Group’s financial capability, the investigation was carried out effortlessly.

In less than an hour, Cayden had managed to bring the private investigator to Farwell Group. It was not until the private investigator was led to Farwell Group’s entrance that he realized something was off.

“D-Did I do something wrong? Why did you bring me here?” Cayden cast him a cold glance. “Why are you asking me that?

I’m not the one who calls the shots here. You’ll find out soon.” The private investigator’s legs trembled when he heard Cayden’s words.

The only person who came to mind when he thought of the person who called the shots for Farwell Group was none other than Lucian Farwell.

The private investigator had recently been following Roxanne around on Aubree’s orders. During those times, he had indeed seen Roxanne interacting
with Lucian.

Yet, he paid no mind to that. After all, he was merely doing as instructed. He did nothing improper; all he did was take a few pictures.

I definitely did not expect to be brought over by Lucian today… He could not help but shiver as he thought about Lucian’s reputation in the industry.

The elevator soon came to a halt on the top floor. Cayden brought the private investigator along and entered the CEO’s office.

“I’ve brought the person, Mr. Farwell,” Cayden reported. Lucian was working in the office expressionlessly. Upon hearing Cayden’s words, he stopped what he was doing and looked up.

Lucian did not start speaking right away. Instead, he eyed the private investigator up and down.

The private investigator felt weak at the knees. His waning determination was the only thing keeping him from falling over and dropping to the ground.

“M-Mr. Farwell…” Lucian stopped scrutinizing him and said in a cold voice, “Your name.”

The private investigator shuddered inwardly. How could he not know my name? I was escorted here by one of his men.

Still, since Lucian had asked, he could only answer his question. “Cory Zaythrone.”

Lucian nodded emotionlessly. “You’ve been following a woman these days.” The words came out as a statement and not a question.

Cory felt an immense amount of pressure upon hearing Lucian’s words. In an instant, he was covered with cold sweat.

He dared not deny it because of Lucian’s confident tone. After some time, he stammered, “I did follow a woman. B-But I only took pictures.

I didn’t do anything else!” Lucian frowned. He believed Cory was speaking the truth.

Since he’s not the culprit, I think I know who did it. “Someone added something to that woman’s glass yesterday. Who was it?”

Remembering everything Aubree had done yesterday and the pained expression on the children’s faces after her departure, Cory realized that Aubree had
dragged him into trouble.

He did not put a stop to Aubree’s doings and merely watched as she added something to Roxanne’s drink.

I would still be deemed as an accomplice if Lucian were to know about this! It’s not like Lucian will let me off even if I don’t sell Aubree out…

Cory felt troubled. Lucian could see Cory’s visible hesitance. His eyes darkened as the atmosphere around him became thick with tension. “

How about I put this in another way? Who told you to stalk her?” Cory was stunned. After a moment of contemplation, he had no choice but to
reply, “No one.”

He had been working day and night ever since and had yet to receive a single penny.

Even if Lucian managed to find out anything later on, it would still be worth it, as Cory would have received the money he was promised.

However, if he were to sell Aubree out, he might lose everything.

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