Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 96

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 96 – She was busy taking care of Estella when her phone rang in her bag Afraid Estella would rousc, she immediately covered Estella’s ears and was about to get up to take her phone.

To her surprise, Lucian got to his feet and came over to her with her phone. “Thank you,” Roxanne thanked him softly. Glancing at the screen, she immediately berated herself for forgetting about her sons. “Mommy!” the boys yelled the minute the call connected. “When are you coming home?”

Roxanne lowered her voice. “I’m busy tonight, so I might come home late. Have you had dinner?” The boys replied, “Yes, we did. What about you? Don’t forget to take care of yourself even if you’re busy!” Touched, Roxanne chuckled. “I know. I’ve eaten earlier. Don’t wait up for me.

Good night!”“Got it, Mommy. Try to come home as early as possible. Don’t tire yourself out!” the boys responded in unison.
Her lips curved into a grin. Roxanne chatted with them briefly before hanging up.

Beside her, Lucian heard the boys’ voices faintly and placed his work aside. He looked at her and was about to ask whether she had to head home to
take care of them, but the sight of her tender expression made him change his mind. “Who normally takes care of the boys when you’re busy?

Do they stay at home? Or do you hire someone to take care of them?” he asked. Roxanne told him, “My friend helps out. Now, Lysa will take care of them.” Lucian asked, “Was it the same when you were working overseas?

” Despite not knowing why he posed that question, Roxanne answered instinctively, “I’d hire someone to take care of them or bring them to my
workplace. My colleagues loved them.” Right after those words left her mouth, the living room went silent again.

se worOID WE Roxanne lowered her gaze to check on the little girl’s condition. “They’re older now and easier to take care of. It must have been hard when they were younger,” Lucian said suddenly. His gaze fell on her as he pretended to ask nonchalantly,

“How old are the boys? They are of similar height to Essie, so they should be around the same age.” The sudden question made Roxanne’s heart’lurch to her throat. Every time the boys spent time with Lucian, she worried that he’d discover the truth.

Thus, she kept reminding the boys to keep their ages a secret. She didn’t expect to be asked the question in person. Averting her gaze, she fell silent for some time before replying, “They are around four years old. It’s normal for boys to grow faster than girls.”

That was the answer she came to a consensus with Archie and Benny previously. It was a lie, for Lucian might recall the night from six years ago if
he were to know the boys’ real age. She didn’t want that to happen. After giving her answer, she waited anxiously for him to respond.

Sometime later, she heard the man grunt in acknowledgment. As he didn’t pursue the matter, Roxanne heaved a sigh of relief deep down.
Lucian returned his attention to the email on his phone, but he couldn’t focus on work.

The boys are around four years old, so they are one year younger than Essie. That would mean that she ended up with another man right after
giving birth to Essie. She then gave birth to the boys shortly after. ” As that thought occurred to him, Lucian scowled in displeasure.

They were both engrossed in their thoughts when Estella moved. Roxanne lowered her head.
Estella’s brows furrowed together as she started sobbing pitifully. Her entire face was scrunched.

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