Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 95

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 95 – The sight of Roxanne standing together with the other two reminded Catalina of the past.

She wanted them to spend more time together and left after exchanging a few pleasantries. Soon, only the three of them were left in the living room. Lucian’s eyes darkened as he stared at them. Sensing his gaze, Roxanne turned slightly and went to the couch to place Estella down.

However, Estella grabbed her shoulders tightly and refused to let her go. Seeing this, Roxanne sat on the couch with her and said gently, “Essie, be a
good girl. You’re sick and need to go to bed early. Do you want me to lull you to sleep?”

Estella buried her nose into the crook of Roxanne’s neck and shook her head. Roxanne’s brows knitted. “Don’t you want to sleep?”
The little girl nodded and turned at her shoulder to point at the notebook on the table. Roxanne reached out and grabbed the notebook for her.

She watched as Estella scribbled something on the notebook. You’ll leave if I fall asleep. I don’t want you to leave. After scribbling that down, Estella pursed her lips unhappily. Roxanne read what she wrote as surprise flashed across her eyes. Is Estella that attached to me?

Lucian had also read Estella’s words. He glanced at Roxanne and said sternly, “Ms. Jarvis has to go home. Be good and go to bed.”
Estella pouted and whipped her head around to seek Roxanne’s confirmation.

Roxanne nodded. The boys were waiting for her at home. Lysa was taking care of them, but she would still worry about them. Besides, she didn’t know how she should spend a night in the house she used to live in. At her silent affirmation, Estella looked down sadly.

She kept fiddling with the corner of Roxanne’s top and nearly crumpled it. Roxanne couldn’t bear to see her upset. A while later, Estella released her grip on the corner of Roxanne’s top. Roxanne thought she was about to go to bed, but the little girl picked up the notebook again.

I want Daddy to bring the boys over. Please don’t leave, Ms, Jarvis. After writing that, Estella turned around and wrapped her hands around
Roxanne’s neck pitifully. She refused to let go. Feeling the abnormal heat from the young girl’s body, Roxanne couldn’t bringherselft o say no.

Can Finally, she sighed inwardly and caved in. “All right. I won’t leave. You can sleep now.” Estella raised her head suspiciously. Roxanne gave her head a comforting pat. “I’ll keep you company, so shut your eyes and sleep.”

Estella snuggled into her arms and promptly fell asleep. Her head rested on Roxanne’s shoulder, and she gripped Roxanne’s top tightly as though she
was afraid the latter would leave secretly. Roxanne felt her heart melt as she stared at the girl in her arms.

Lucian’s gaze dimmed when he saw their exchange. He joined them on the adjoining couch and told the butler to prepare two cups of coffee for them.
Pulling his phone out, he proceeded to work from home. He hadn’t been lying when he claimed he had to work overtime earlier.

Recently, he had been extremely busy. Silence ensued in the living room. earing Estella’s steady breathing, Roxanne told the butler to bring her a
blanket to cover Estella’s body. The little girl flipped over in her arms as though the heat bothered her.

.Carefully, Roxanne wiped the sweat off Estella’s brows, her eyes filled with gentleness.

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