Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 97

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 97 – Hearing her sobs, Lucian glanced in their direction.

Roxanne patted Estella’s back comfortingly, but the latter’s sobs merely grew louder. Tossing the blanket aside, she sat up and threw herself into Roxanne’s arms. Her hands held Roxanne’s top tightly as she cried sadly. Gradually, she opened her eyes and stared at Roxanne’s face intently.

Her sobs died down after she confirmed Roxanne was still around. By then, her cheeks were crimson from her fever and sobs. Roxanne felt her
heart aching, for the little girl reminded her of her boys. “Hush, Essie. I’m right here. Don’t cry,”

Roxanne cajoled her while wiping the tears off her cheeks tenderly.Estella sniffled as tears continued to trickle down.
However, she wasn’t about to release her grasp on Roxanne’s top. The sweat from her palms drenched Roxanne’s top and crumpled it up.

Nevertheless, Roxanne didn’t utter a word and comforted her patiently. Soon, Estella fell asleep. Even in her sleep, she couldn’t stop sniffling.
Roxanne wrapped her up in the blanket gingerly, leaving only her hands outside since she was still holding Roxanne’s top in her sleep.

An unfathomable glint flashed across Lucian’s eyes as he watched their intimate exchange. In the end, he chose not to say a word. Catalina was still worried, so she came over to check on them. She was pleased to see Estella sound asleep in Roxanne’s arms.

“Indeed, Ms. Estella can sleep soundly when she’s with you. Previously, she was a difficult child whenever she got sick. No one could calm her down, not even Mr. Farwell.” Roxanne widened her eyes in disbelief. What about Aubree? She’s Essie’s mother. Can’t she calm Essie down?

By the way, why didn’t she show up at all now that Essie’s sick? Where is she? Doesn’t she care about her daughter? She was about to pose that question when Lucian’s voice rang out. “She’ll probably wake up again tonight. Why don’t you bring her to the guest room? You’ll get to rest there, too.”

Catalina chimed in, “Yes, it’s late. You came here with Mr. Farwell after work, so you must be exhausted. You should head upstairs and get some rest
along with Ms. Estella. Roxanne swallowed her question and shot the second floor a hesitating look.

The past events emerged in her mind as bitterness engulfed her heart. She shook her head to reject the offer. “No
nccd. I’ll just rest here briefly. Essie only fell asleep a while ago, so I don’t want to wake her.”

Lucian and Catalina gave up on trying to convince her to change her mind. Catalina then chatted with her briefly before leaving them alone.
The living room turned quiet.

Roxanne’s guard was still up after Lucian mentioned Archie and Benny’s age, so she gazed at the sleeping little girl and avoided looking at him.
Lucian didn’t utter a word for a long while, so she gradually relaxed.

Her schedule had been packed today. In the afternoon, she had spent a lot of effort treating Alfred, so her energy was quite low by now.
Estella’s warm body and steady breathing made Roxanne grow drowsy. Despite trying her best to stay awake, she soon fell into a deep sleep.

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