Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 784

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 784 – Stay At My Place For Now

Aubree didn’t know where Lucian was taking her, but she didn’t dare to ask. She was afraid that he would send her straight to a hotel if she did.

As she stared out the window silently, the road became more and more familiar to her. “Where are we…” She spoke hesitantly.

“I’m sending you to my mom’s place.” Sonya had always been biased toward Aubree. If she learned that he had kicked Aubree out of the house, she might annoy him with her rhetoric again.

He would rather send Aubree there directly and then explain the situation to his mother.

That way, there would be nothing she could say about the matter. Aubree’s heart sank when she heard that.

The only reason she had promised to leave the Farwell residence was that she wanted to visit Sonya at a later date.

She was hoping to talk to Sonya about the matter during the visit with the intention of regaining the chance to return to the Farwell residence.

If Lucian was going to send her to Sonya’s now, then there was no way she could embellish her story in front of Sonya.

However, it was already too late when she found out where she was heading. All she could do was watch him drive into Sonya’s mansion.

“Mr. Farwell. Ms. Pearson.” The butler quickly and politely welcomed them. ucian nodded and gestured for the butler to grab Aubree’s luggage.

The butler understood what he meant and promptly grabbed the luggage before following the two visitors into the living room.

At that moment, Sonya was having lunch. When she saw the visitors, she put her fork down in confusion. “What’s going on? Why is there a suitcase?”

As she spoke, she glanced at her son with dissatisfaction. She then approached Aubree, brought her to the dining table, and asked the butler to prepare two extra sets of cutleries.

“Did Lucian make you upset? Why did you suddenly move out?” Sonya asked caringly.

Aubree glanced at the person standing at the entrance, then shook her head while flashing a forceful smile. “No. Lucian was nice to me.”

Sonya was skeptical when she heard that. “Then what’s going on?”

She was aware that Aubree had feelings for her son, so she had thought that the younger woman would be happy for being able to stay at the Farwell residence.

Yet, Aubree had moved out unhappily just two days later. The only possibility Sonya could think of was that her son had given the younger woman a bad time again.

However, that couldn’t be true because Aubree had just praised Lucian.

Upon seeing Aubree’s considerate demeanor, Sonya shot a reproachful glance at Lucian, who was still standing in the living room. “

Didn’t I ask you to take good care of Aubree?” Lucian nodded indifferently. “I sent her here precisely because of that.”

Sonya furrowed her brows. “What do you mean?” “Essie got sick last night due to an allergic reaction to an unknown bacterium.

The doctor said that the bacterium is very infectious. While the house has been disinfected, I can’t say for certain whether the bacterium is truly gone.

She might get infected if she stayed there, so I sent her here.” He did not plan to let his mother know that Estella was at Roxanne’s place.

Otherwise, it would only bring unnecessary trouble to Roxanne. Sonya’s attention, however, was captured by his first sentence.

She asked anxiously, “Essie’s sick? How is she doing right now? Why did you only tell me this now?” “She’s fine already.

The doctor I brought her to is very skillful.” Only then did Sonya let out a sigh of relief.

She nodded and said, “All right, Aubree can stay at my place for now.”

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