Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 783

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 783 – I Will Decide For You

Upon hearing that, Aubree pushed her guilt aside and snapped, “What are you saying, Lucian? My dad is still angry right now. How can I go back?”

How can I leave so easily when it took me so much effort to move into the manor? Unfazed, Lucian looked at her emotionlessly. “Then go to a hotel.

The entire manor has only been disinfected one time. I don’t know if there are more bacteria hiding around, but what I do know is that if I let you stay here despite knowing you might get infected, I wouldn’t know what to tell the elders.”

Although what he said were words of concern, he sounded apathetic. A chill ran down Aubree’s spine.

She wasn’t stupid, for she knew that it was just an excuse from Lucian to chase her out. Sadly, she didn’t have any valid reasons to insist on staying.

At that realization, she started hating Estella for recovering so fast. I should’ve let her suffer more!

“I’ll wait for you in the car.” Lucian didn’t plan to give Aubree a chance to speak. He left the mansion right after he finished his sentence.

Aubree gritted her teeth in anger as she watched him leave.

I did all this because I wanted to teach that little btch a lesson, yet I was hoisted by my own petard and gave Lucian a valid reason to chase me away!

Looks like I have no other choice but to leave. Aubree stood at the same spot for a long while before she went upstairs unwillingly to pack her stuff.

When she saw Estella’s towel that she had swapped back last night, she clenched her jaw and stuffed it into her luggage furiously.

She had planned to get rid of the thing in the morning until Lucian denied her of the chance to do so.

As such, she could only take the risk and leave the building with the evidence. Not wanting to leave, Aubree intentionally packed her things slowly.

Catalina showed up at the door after some time and asked politely, “Do you need my help, Ms. Pearson?

Mr. Farwell has been waiting for you downstairs for a long time.”

Lucian didn’t want Aubree to delay her departure any longer, so he had sent Catalina to urge her to speed things up.

Of course, Aubree knew what Catalina’s presence meant. She closed the luggage with a scowl and stood up from the ground. “

No, thanks. I’m done packing.” Then she dragged the luggage downstairs with a long face.

When she arrived at the door, Lucian didn’t even alight from the car. It was a housekeeper who helped her place her luggage in the vehicle.

Aubree was infuriated, but she didn’t dare to show it on her face. All she could do was walk to the passenger seat in frustration.

Just as she wanted to pull the door open, she realized it was locked from the inside. After pulling the handle twice, she still couldn’t open the door.

Dumbstruck, she stared at the man inside the car. In the past, he wouldn’t have cared about the details and definitely wouldn’t have done something so obviously directed at her.

Did that btch Roxanne really change him that much? Lucian simply ignored her.

He locked the door to the passenger seat because he didn’t want to watch her putting on an act in front of him anymore.

The two reached an impasse for a long while. Seeing that the man wasn’t going to change his mind,

Aubree opened the door to the back seat unwillingly and sat inside. Lucian glanced at her through the rearview mirror and asked,

“Have you thought about where you want to go?” Aubree bit her lip and replied, “I… don’t know.” There was silence in the car.

Instead of waiting for her to say something, Lucian broke the silence. “Then I’ll decide for you.”

He promptly started the engine and drove out of the manor

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