Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 785

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 785 – Eat With Us Aubree scrunched up her eyebrows upon hearing Sonya agree to Lucian’s arrangement.

She wanted to say something, but the older woman was not looking at her. “Sit down and eat with us,” Sonya said to Lucian.

Aubree’s eyes sparkled when she heard that. She thought Sonya would use the opportunity to speak good things about her.

Holding that thought, she looked at Lucian with anticipation. “You’ve been busy for the whole morning, Lucian. I bet you’re tired.

Come over here and have a little something.” Lucian looked at the two women expressionlessly and said, “No, thanks. I still need to pick up Essie.

You two enjoy.” Then he turned around with the intention of leaving. The moment he did that, Sonya called out to him and stopped him.

“You should visit Aubree when you have the time and help put in a good word for her in front of Mr. Pearson if you can,” Sonya said.

Lucian, with his back facing the women, frowned with annoyance, replied with a deep grunt, and strode away.

In the car, he hesitated for a while before driving to Roxanne’s place. Roxanne was having lunch with the children.

Because of what Benny had said earlier, the children had been staring at her inquisitively the whole morning and would follow her wherever she went.

Fearing that they would bring up the incident last night again, Roxanne could only try her best to find them something to do.

She felt mentally and physically exhausted. It was the first time she had felt so tired of taking care of the children, thanks to Lucian.

“Mommy,” Benny suddenly called her. Upon returning to her senses, Roxanne looked at him in confusion.

“Is Mr. Farwell going to have lunch with us?” Anticipation was written all over Benny’s face.

He recalled that his mother had only asked his father to return to the manor to disinfect the place.

Since Essie’s at our place right now, Daddy will probably come to our place at noon! Roxanne was momentarily speechless.

Why does he think Lucian will join us for lunch out of nowhere? “He probably—” Just as she was going to say it was unlikely he would come, the doorbell rang.

Quickly, Benny leaped from his chair and scampered to the door. “It must be Mr. Farwell!”

Roxanne was overwhelmed with mixed emotions when she looked at how excited he was.

She had thought Benny would be very disappointed if the person at the door weren’t Lucian. However, she soon heard the boy’s cheerful voice.

“Mr. Farwell!” Taken aback, Roxanne stood up and looked toward the door.

There, she saw Lucian standing calmly in the same shirt as he had worn that morning.

His big hand was gently placed on Benny’s head as he looked at her. When their eyes met, Roxanne averted her gaze.

She recalled what had happened last night and wondered how to face him. Lucian’s timing is impeccable.

I can’t just let Essie leave with him in the middle of a meal. But if I share a meal with him, the children will undoubtedly notice my odd behavior.

Just as she was deciding what to do, Benny enthusiastically extended an invitation to Lucian. “Come and eat with us, Mr. Farwell!”

Roxanne’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that. Lucian cocked an eyebrow and replied meaningfully,

“I would love to, but I think you should still ask your Mommy about this.”

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