Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 782

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 782 – Pack Your Things

Aubree was stunned for a few seconds. Suppressing the panic in her heart, she approached him with concern written all over her face and pretended not to know anything about what had happened yesterday.

“Lucian, what’s going on?” Lucian looked at the person in front of him expressionlessly and interrogatively. Things had been chaotic last night.

He had only heard Roxanne say that Estella’s symptoms were due to a bacterial allergy.

As for where the bacterium came from, he hadn’t had the time to think about it until he carefully recalled what had happened when he was on the way back.

Everything had been fine before Aubree arrived at the manor. However, the bacterium had shown up the same time as her.

Lucian couldn’t help but suspect the woman in front of him. Aubree’s heart clenched when he glanced at her.

She pinched her palm to calm herself down, then asked innocently, “I heard from the housekeepers that there’s a bacterium in the house.

It can’t be true, can it? The house is cleaned daily, so where did the bacterium come from?” Lucian furrowed his brows.

I don’t notice anything odd by observing her face. Then again, I’ve never noticed how she has been treating Essie behind my back or even in front of me for six years.

At that thought, he looked away instead of investigating further. If she’s the one who did it, I’ll find out sooner or later.

“Essie’s allergy was suddenly triggered last night. I took her for a checkup and was told that she had come in contact with an infectious bacterium,”

Lucian said,then glanced at Aubree meaningfully. “Looks like you weren’t infected. I suppose I don’t need to bring bad news to Mr. Pearson.”

Aubree was stunned. She wondered if it was a good or bad thing that she wasn’t infected.

Steeling herself, she changed the topic and asked, “Essie had an allergic reaction? How is she?” Lucian looked at her silently.

“Why did you come back all by yourself? Is anyone taking care of Essie right now?” Aubree stubbornly put on an act despite his lack of response.

However, Lucian continued to remain silent. Unable to go on with her one-woman show, she asked sheepishly, “Where is she? I’ll go and visit her.”

Lucian pursed his lips and replied, “You don’t have to. Essie has recovered.” An imperceptible astonishment flashed past Aubree’s eyes.

How did she recover so quickly? Frieda said that kind of bacterium is very difficult to detect.

It’ll take normal doctors days to find the cause and even longer than that to come up with a treatment. But he doesn’t seem to be lying.

He also doesn’t have any reason to lie to me about Essie’s condition. Aubree forced herself to calm down, then flashed a casual smile at Lucian.

“I’m glad that Essie’s fine. Her body has always been quite weak since she was a child. She must have been terrified this time.”

Lucian ignored her question and scanned the room. Besides the woman in front of me, who else could have brought the bacterium here…

“It’s done, Mr. Farwell,” Catalina reported after she and the other housekeepers sanitized the entire mansion.

Lucian nodded and ordered, “Investigate who had left the manor for a long time in the past few days.” “Will do, Mr. Farwell.”

Aubree panicked a little when she heard that Lucian planned to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Her heart clenched again as she pretended to avert her gaze from Lucian calmly. “Pack your things. I’ll send you back,” Lucian said in a deep voice.

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