Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 421

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 421 – After several days of rehearsal, it was finally Friday.

When Roxanne went to pick the little ones up in the evening, she saw the children carrying a pile of clothes in their arms.

Excitement was written all over their faces, “Look, Mommy! These are our costumes!” Benny showed her the costumes as Roxanne walked toward him.

Roxanne nodded gently in response and took over the outfits from the boys.

Meanwhile, Estella was also waiting at one side while carrying two pairs of costumes -one for her and one for Lucian.

Estella had always been physically weak. That was why she seemed to have difficulties carrying the costumes and a bag on her back.

Once Roxanne took over the costumes from Benny and Archie, the boys ran to her and helped her with the clothes.

Estella gratefully passed the garments to the boys and thanked them.

The three children then lined up in front of Roxanne, waiting for her to lead them to the car.

In the last couple of days, Roxanne would always take them back together. Estella thought it would be the same for today.

Seeing how excited the children were, Roxanne leaned forward, stroked Estella’s head, and said awkwardly,

“Since the rehearsal is tomorrow, we won’t be rehearsing today anymore.”

That answer took Estella by surprise. Feeling disappointed, the little girl lowered her head.

Since there would be no rehearsal today, Estella would not be able to go to Roxanne’s place to play with the boys.

Roxanne’s heart melted when she noticed how upset Estella was. She looked at the girl and said softly, “

But Essie, you can wait for your daddy in our car.” With that said, she straightened her back and reached out her hand to Estella.

Though still upset, Estella grabbed Roxanne’s hand and climbed into her car. Lucian arrived after a short wait.

Roxanne noticed the man walking toward Pippa. After finding out where Estella was, he walked in their direction.

“Daddy!” Estella opened the car door and greeted Lucian. Lucian responded with a curt nod.

When he was about to ask Roxanne why she did not bring the children home, Estella muttered softly, “Ms. Jarvis said there’ll be no rehearsal today.”

Lucian frowned and looked at the woman in the driver’s seat. Roxanne explained casually,

“They shouldn’t be rehearsing anymore since the performance is tomorrow.

I hope they can get enough rest today and not be anxious over tomorrow’s performance.”. Lucian had no choice but to agree with her.

Despite that, Estella was unhappy with the arrangement as she wanted to stay with Roxanne.

She was afraid that after the performance, Roxanne might avoid them like how she had done previously.

Estella could not help but look at Roxanne with her puppy-dog eyes. Roxanne had her back to Estella,

so she did not notice the expression on the little girl’s face. She just carried on saying, “Here’s Essie. You can take her home now.

I should go home with my kids now too.” Suddenly, she heard the man’s voice from behind her. “Please let Essie stay a night at your place.”

Roxanne was taken aback by the request. “I won’t be able to help her with the makeup and costumes since the performance is tomorrow.

I would be relieved if you could help them with all the preparations at home because I’m afraid everyone will be extremely busy at the kindergarten,”

Lucian explained in a calm voice. Upon hearing his justification, Roxanne hesitated for a while but finally agreed with the arrangement,

After knowing that she could sleep over at Roxanne’s place, Estella broke into a wide smile.

After grabbing Lucian’s costume and handing it to him, they bid each other farewell and d rove home.

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