Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 420

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 420 – “Close your eyes.” Lucian gave her another instruction. Roxanne’s eyelids fluttered before she complied.

She became nervous when she felt the man’s warm breath near her once more but tried to stay calm by digging her nails into her palms.

The little ones watched as Lucian got closer and closer to Roxanne. Right as his lips were about to touch hers, Lucian froze for a moment.

Then he tilted his head slightly, creating the illusion of a kiss. Roxanne was aware of how Lucian froze and moved his head away.

She held her breath and waited for quite some time, but the man did not step away from her. It was so quiet that she could hear Lucian’s breathing.

Roxanne could not help but knit her brows. When she cautiously opened her eyes, she saw the man in front of her.

His gorgeous face left her in a daze for a few seconds. When she came to her senses, she pressed her palm against his chest to stop him from advancing.

“A simple kiss will do. Don’t forget to straighten up once you do so as Sleeping Beauty is supposed to wake up.”

Lucian’s eyes darkened while he scrutinized her face. Upon hearing that, the man gradually straightened his back and gave Roxanne a baffling smirk.

Thanks for your reminder, Ms. Jarvis.” Roxanne lowered her eyes and stood up. “Let’s call it a day. This should be the ending scene for the play.”

She then got up and walked to the three children, leaving Lucian alone on the couch. Lucian was pleased with the development.

As such, he was not bothered by how Roxanne once again distanced herself from him.

Upon hearing what Roxanne said, Lucian got up from the couch, walked to Estella, and said in a deep voice, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

He lowered his eyes and reminded Estella, “Essie, say goodbye to Ms. Jarvis and the boys.”

Estella did not throw a tantrum because she knew she would be coming tomorrow. The little girl waved her hand to bid them farewell.

Goodbye, Ms. Jarvis. See you tomorrow, Archie and Benny.” Roxanne grinned at Estella and walked them to the door.

After sending them off, she brought Archie and Benny back to their room. On the way back to the Farwell residence,

Estella sat in the passenger’s seat and looked at her father in anticipation. “Daddy, do you think Ms. Jarvis will like us?”

Lucian froze at Estella’s question. He merely wanted to use the anniversary celebration to draw Roxanne closer to him and had not thought of anything beyond that.

Thus, he was surprised that Estella had developed that train of thought. Getting Roxanne to like Essie might be a piece of cake,

but getting her to like me… Lucian could not help but smirk and mock himself when he recalled all the incidents six years ago.

She left without a trace six years ago. It won’t be easy to win her heart over again.

Upon noticing his hesitation, Estella clenched her fists and asked anxiously, “Will Ms. Jarvis start avoiding us again?”

Lucian lifted his eyes to look at the little girl and answered in a solemn voice, “It all depends on what you’re capable of.”

Roxanne had always had a soft spot for Estella. Lucian always knew he was the only reason she maintained a distance from his daughter.

When she heard that answer, Estella pressed her lips and raised her fist. “Okay! I’ll try my best!”

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