Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 422

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 422 – Estella had not slept over for quite some time, so she was thrilled when she stepped into the house and started running around with the two boys.

They only stopped chasing each other when Roxanne called them over for dinner.

After dinner, Roxanne played with the children for a while before asking them to try on their costumes.

The kindergarten was indeed an elite establishment. It looked like they had put a lot of effort into the costumes for the anniversary celebration.

The little ones instantly transformed into their characters when they wore the garments.

Archie and Benny both had the same costumes but came in different colors-one in blue and one in green.

Not only were they given garments that came with a pair of wings, but they also received a pair of pointy ears.

Despite not having any make-up, the two boys already looked like a pair of elves after putting on the costumes .

On the other hand, Estella was given a long, black witch’s dress, a black hat, and a magic wand.

Yet, she looked so out of place when she put on the costume because of the innocent look on her face.

It was as if an angel had accidentally worn a witch’s outfit. The children were amused to see each other in their respective costumes.

They tilted their heads and urged Roxanne, “Where’s your costume, Mommy?”

They looked as if they had just walked out of a fairytale when they had the costumes on.

The little ones could not wait to see what Roxanne would look like when she put on hers.

Roxanne smiled faintly and went to her bedroom with her outfit. Not long after, she walked out of the room.

Brimming with excitement, the children looked over when they heard the sound of the door opening To their confusion,

they noticed Roxanne was still wearing the same clothes as earlier *The costume fits me well.” Upon noucing the expressions on their faces,

Roxanne grinned, “I’ll only wear the costume tomorrow. All right, kids. It’s time for bed. Change back to your clothes now.”

Archie, Benny, and Estella reluctantly ran their fingers over their costumes and went to their rooms.

When Roxanne was about to take Estella to the shower after helping her remove her outfit, the girl popped a question.

“I wonder what Daddy’s costume is?” Upon hearing that, Roxanne paused and kept mum for a few seconds. She then gave Estella a smile and said, “

It will be a prince’s costume, of course. I’m sure you’ll see what he looks like tomorrow.” Estella nodded, but she seemed a little distracted.

Roxanne could not tell what was on the girl’s mind, but she decided not to pry and took her straight to the bathroom.

During the shower, Roxanne told her the Sleeping Beauty story. Estella raised a doubt after listening to the story, “

Does Sleeping Beauty like the prince, Ms. Jarvis?” That question rendered Roxanne speechless.

According to the fairytale, Sleeping Beauty lived with the prince after being woken up by his kiss.

However, it did not clarify anything about their relationship. She had no clue if Sleeping Beauty was fond of the prince.

While Roxanne was still trying to think of an answer, Estella asked her another question, “How about you, Ms. Jarvis? Do you like Daddy?”

Estella kept bombarding her with burning questions to the point where Roxanne could not react to them.

“Can you stop running away from us, Ms. Jarvis?” Estella’s voice echoed in the bathroom. “I like you very much, but you don’t seem to like Daddy.

What did Daddy do wrong?” Roxanne stayed silent for quite some time before answering hesitantly, “No, he didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Then why are you avoiding us?” Estella insisted on getting to the bottom of the matter.

Roxanne responded with a cursory grin. “I’m not avoiding anyone. I was just caught up with work.

Besides, I don’t hate your daddy, We’ve been getting along well in the last few days, haven’t we?

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