Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 419

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 419 – Having heard Lucian’s words, the frowning Roxanne felt a strong sense of resistance within her Lucian’s deep voice rang out again.

“If we don’t rehearse it, please don’t accuse me of taking advantage of you when I kiss you by mistake.”

In that moment, Roxanne couldn’t believe her ears. Nevertheless, she did find the scenario Lucian had conjured up to be entirely possible.

“Besides, neither of us are actors by profession. If we don’t practice, how would we know where we should stand to make the kiss realistic?”

Lucian, who could sense her wavering, pressed on calmly, causing her to feel ambivalent about the matter. She admitted that he had a point.

However, given that the anniversary celebration was still a few days away,

she would have to be in close proximity to him for consecutive days if they were to rehearse the scene.

In the midst of her hesitation, Estella’s squeaky voice piped up, “Why are we rehearsing everything but this scene?”

She proceeded to give Roxanne a quizzical yet innocent look. When she saw the confusion in Estella’s eyes, Roxanne sighed in resignation.

“Fine. We’ll run through it too.” After giving in, she threw Lucian a glance. Nevertheless, all she saw was a detached expression,

as if the comment he made was solely for the sake of the rehearsal.

Shifting her gaze away, Roxanne prayed that it was just her imagination that was running wild Given that every scene before the kiss had been rehearsed multiple times,

Roxanne had no choice but to jump right into the kissing scene. The children subsequently led her to the couch, wanting her to lie down.

However, when Roxanne didn’t move a muscle, Estella urged her, “Ms. Jarvis, lie down quickly!”

Roxanne looked at the children’s excited faces and then at the waiting Lucian, still feeling torn over the matter.

It took her a while before she finally felt mentally prepared for it and lay down. The children smartly made way for Lucian.

A few seconds passed before he walked over to the couch.

Supporting himself with his hand on the back of the furniture, he leaned in to look at the woman lying on it.

Roxanne had shut her eyes, though there was a slight furrow between her brows.

From the way her eyelashes trembled, she looked as if she was going to open her eyes at any moment.

At the sight of her nervousness, Lucian cocked a brow and sniggered quietly to himself.

The children, who were all watching by the side, were shocked to see the amusement on Lucian’s face.

During their rehearsal over the past few days, they kept hearing Roxanne complain that Lucian didn’t have any emotions at all.

But from what they were seeing now, they realized that Roxanne’s words were a far cry from reality.

While Roxanne lay on the couch with her eyes closed, it was so quiet that she could hear a pin drop.

All she could feel was Lucian’s breath bearing down upon her. As he continued to approach,

Roxanne’s hands clenched into fists while her brows slowly knitted together tightly.

All of a sudden, Lucian’s breath stopped at an angle with no further movement.

When Roxanne opened her eyes in curiosity, she was greeted by his annoyed face.

“Ms. Jarvis, there’s no need to be so nervous. I will keep my word not to take advantage of you.” Lucian’s voice sounded a little cold,

causing Roxanne to be stunned. t the same time, the children chimed in. “Mommy, Sleeping Beauty doesn’t frown!”

“Ms. Jarvis, your expression cannot change because you’re supposed to be asleep!”

After being reminded by the children and glancing at the displeased-looking Lucian, Roxanne lowered her gaze self-consciously

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