Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 412

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 412 – Although Gerald focused on academics, the others in the room had business dealings in the medical industry.

Many of them relied on Gerald’s skills for a living.

Gerald’s words might sound like he was merely apologizing to Roxanne, but he was actually pressuring the others.

Naturally, Roxanne understood the meaning Gerald was implying. She returned his gaze with a look of gratitude.

It did not take long for the rest to agree. Clearly, Gerald’s words worked.

“I’ve heard Mr. Queen talking about how impressive Dr. Jarvis’ skills are. And now, we’ve witnessed how Mr. Lynch admires Dr. Jarvis.

I guess there’s no reason for us to hesitate anymore.”

“I never thought Dr. Jarvis would be so young and a woman too! Not only that, but she also even runs a research institute on her own.

She’s such a strong woman!” Words of praise kept traveling into her ears.

Of course, Roxanne knew they were only praising her for the sake of Jonathan and Gerald. Regardless, it meant that the collaboration was sallied.

At that thought, Roxanne patiently thanked them for their praises. As the organizer of the banquet, Jasper could not keep staying in the room.

Before leaving, he asked Roxanne, “Would you like to come with me, Dr. Jarvis?

I can introduce you to the people involved in Summerbank’s medical industry.”

Roxanne accepted the offer, got up, and excused herself from Gerald’s presence before returning to the banquet hall with Jasper.

Larry, on the other hand, stayed back to keep Gerald company. It was evident that Jasper was quite influential in the medical industry of Summerbank.

As soon as he made an appearance, many people approached to greet him. Jasper returned their greetings and introduced Roxanne to them.

After socializing for some time, Roxanne felt a little tired. Thus, she excused herself to get some rest.

Jasper smiled and nodded in agreement, taking her to the couch at the corner of the hall before returning to the crowd.

When she finally settled down, Roxanne instinctively scanned the crowd. She caught no sight of Lucian.

It was when she retracted her gaze that she realized what she did. Immediately, an odd feeling rose in her heart,

She, too, had no idea why she looked for him subconsciously. Maybe I‘m just worried he‘ll come looking for me again.

Roxanne convinced herself, despite feeling confl|cted. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of her.

For some reason, Roxanne tensed up, thinking what she feared had actually happened.

There were traces of panic on her face when she lifted her head. When she caught sight of the person in front of her,

she calmed down and spoke slowly. “Who are you?” A big and tall man stood in front of her.

His broad figure seemed to be enough to cover her completely. Realizing she was looking at him, the man smiled, raised his glass at her,

and introduced himself, “Hello. I’m Joseph Cadman. The youngest son of the Cadman family. May I have the honor of making your acquaintance?’

The Cadman family was a relatively reputable family in Summerbank. Hence, Joseph did not bother revealing much about himself.

He merely stared at the woman in front of him confidently after stating his request.

He was a little late to the event. By the time he spotted Roxanne, she was being brought around the hall by Jasper to meet the guests.

He eavesdropped on some of their conversations. Roxanne’s beauty and outstanding skills left an itch in his heart.

When he saw her sitting on the couch alone, he rushed over eagerly.

Alas, Roxanne was not familiar with Summerbank’s influential organizations.

On top of that, she had scared herself with her own speculations. Thus, she was in no mood to socialize.

Upon hearing Joseph’s words, she put on a distant smile, saying, “I’m sorry. I’m only here to settle some work matters.

I’ll be leaving soon. I might not have the time to make friends.”

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