Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 413

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 413 – Joseph‘s face fell when he heard her rejection, and his tone sounded insistent.

“I think you’ve misunderstood my intentions. I don‘t mean that kind of friendship.” Roxanne frowned in confusion, not understanding what he meant.

Joseph smirked mysteriously. “One night should be enough for us to get to know each other.” That sentence had clearly displayed his intentions.

Roxanne was momentarily stunned, but she quickly realized what he was saying. Her expression turned frosty. “I‘m not interested.

Please stop disturbing me. I wan t to be alone for a while.” Joseph scowled at her second rejection.

Unfortunately, there were too many people at the banquet. Thus, he could not do anything to her.

Instead, he straightened his body unhappily and lifted his wineglass toward her. With a threatening tone, he said,

If that‘s the case, surely you won‘t refuse this toast, right?” Roxanne appeared hesitant. Joseph was obviously a notorious playboy,

and she did not know if he would pull any tricks on her. Sensing her concern, Joseph mocked, “Oh, you can relax. There are so many people here.

I won‘t do anythingto you. I’m not the kind who‘ll force women into doing things, anyway.”

Roxanne frowned, but still clinked her glass with his, taking a sip out of politeness. Joseph shot her a dangerous glance and returned to the crowd.

When she saw him leaving, Roxanne secretly sighed with relief. . Saw As soon as Joseph returned to the crowd, a group of playboys surrounded him,

teasing, “Aw. There are still women who don‘t fall for Mr. Cadman‘s flirts, eh? Who is that woman? Why is she so arrogant?”

Joseph shot the man a glare. Someone reminded, “I heard she came with that Mr. Farwell of Harington. We‘d better not mess with her.”

As soon as the speaker finished his sentence, Joseph smacked the former‘s head. “Mr. Farwell is already engaged.

Why would he come with this woman? Besides, it means nothing even if they come together.

Mr. Ziegler‘s the one who brought her here to socialize with the guests. That‘s enough to prove that she has nothing special with Mr. Farwell.”

SAREE Hearing that, the person who spoke up hesitated but nodded in agreement. “What are you planning to do then? She has ignored you,”

someone asked. Joseph downed his drink and said fiercely, “She‘d better not leave this banquet hall.

I, Joseph Cadman, never let my target run away just like that.” The others bobbed their heads in agreement.

Meanwhile, Roxanne was totally unaware of the danger she was about to face. She had too much to drink earlier while socializing with Jasper.

After sitting down for a while, she got to her feet, fecling the need to go to the washroom Oom. Seeing her leave the banquet hall,

Joseph and the other playboys sneakily followed her. Roxanne noticed nothing and entered the washroom.

When she stepped out of the facility, she was blocked by a few playboys at the washroom‘s entrance. Roxanne was slightly taken aback by the situation.

“What a coincidence, Ms. Jarvis.” Joseph smiled casually while striding toward her.

Roxanne frowned and eyed them warily, warning, “Mr. Cadman, I‘m Mr. Ziegler‘s guest. Please watch your actions.”

Joseph raised his brow casually. “I know, but so what? Mr. Ziegler‘s not with you now.

I dare you to get him over. I‘ll leave right away if he shows up.”

Naturally, Roxanne could not do so. She could only step backward silently, trying to maintain a safe distance between them.

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