Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 411

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 411 – Roxanne frowned in exasperation.

Not knowing where to begin, she merely said, “We met by coincidence downstairs.” However, Larry looked doubtful.

Seeing his expression, Roxanne relaxed her brows and said pleadingly, “Anyway, it’s not what you think. It’s impossible between me and him.”

She did not want anyone to misunderstand her relationship with Lucian. Seeing her sincerity, Larry smiled gently and stopped pursuing the matter.

Instead, he said, “Mr. Lynch is resting upstairs, and Mr. Ziegler is keeping him company. They’re waiting for you. Are you looking for them?”

Roxanne had been searching for them the entire day but to no avail. As soon as she heard Larry’s words, she heaved a sigh of relief and nodded.

“Where are they? Can you please take me to them? I’ve got something important to discuss with Mr. Ziegler, and I need to apologize to Mr. Lynch.”

Larry gladly agreed. He brought her out of the banquet hall and headed upstairs. At the same time, Lucian watched them leave, looking deadpan.

Rage was boiling in his heart. So, this Morrison chap is the reason for Roxanne‘s sudden change of attitude? And why are they going upstairs together?

What are they trying to do? “Mr. Farwell?” the business partner called out warily, Lucian turned around with a gloomy look all over his face.

The other party shuddered subconsciously, but still plucked up his courage to hand Lucian the agreement.

Lucian scanned it and penned his signature. The more he thought about Roxanne, the angrier he felt.

Just as the business partner was about to say something, Lucian turned around coldly and marched out of the banquet hall.

Meanwhile, Roxanne followed Larry into a room. As soon as they stepped in, Gerald could be seen sitting in the main seat.

At the same time, Jasper and a few men, who seemed to be of high status, were gathered around him, laughing while talking about something,

They fell silent instantly when they saw Roxanne and Larry entering, Jasper got to his feet and introduced the duo to the others,

“This is Dr. Jarvis, the doctor recommended by Mr. Queen.” He then turned to Roxanne and introduced,

“These are the person-in-charge of the companies we will be discussing the collaboration with.”

Roxanne had a rough guess about the men’s identity. She greeted the crowd, looking neither humble nor arrogant, and apologized,

“I’m sorry for making all of you wait.” Gerald waved dismissively. “We were just sitting around and waiting, anyway.

It’s nothing to worry about. Instead, you must be worried sick on the way here. I told them to not give you a call, but they insisted.”

Since Gerald had said so, the others too, chimed in saying that they did not mind the wait. Jasper clearly had a good relationship with Gerald.

When the former heard Gerald’s complaint, he smiled and said, “I was just informing her about your presence. I didn’t mean to rush her.”

Gerald merely laughed. Roxanne, too, smiled and followed Larry to find a place to sit.

Soon, Jasper took the initiative to begin the conversation about the collaboration.

Hence, Roxanne briefly explained the business proposal she had discussed with Colby.

Surprisingly, Jasper agreed without hesitation and waited for the others to respond. However, the others appeared a little hesitant.

Roxanne could not help but feel nervous. Just as she was getting anxious, Gerald’s voice rang in the air.

He gazed at Roxanne apologetically. “I’ve heard the news about your research institute.

I’ve always wanted to help, but I really don’t have the power to do so. Though my words still have power, I’m just an academician.

I’m clueless about the business world. I’m afraid no one will be convinced by me, even if I speak up for you.”

The moment those words left his mouth, the expressions of everyone in the room changed.

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