Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 403

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 403 – Lucian knitted his brows in confusion at that sight.

Essie did not meet with Roxanne recently, nor did she dream about her previously. Why is she having this dream now and crying so badly today?

“Archie and Benny told me Ms. Jarvis will take them overseas once she is done with her work at the research insutute.”

Estella was crestfallen when she recalled her conversation with Archie and Benny at the kindergarten yesterday.

She thought Roxanne was merely lying to her previously, and Archie and Benny also told her they would not be leaving However,

he two kids informed Estella that they would not stay much longer in the country… Moreover, since Roxanne told Estella she would be going abroad,

Estella had not seen the latter. With that thought in mind, Estella could not contain her urge to shed tears again.

Hearing his daughter‘s words, Lucian‘s face gradually darkened. According to Archie and Benny,

Roxanne would have been abroad now if it weren‘t for this incident! Estella tugged at the hem of her father‘s shirt and uttered in a childish voice,

“Daddy, I am reluctant to see Ms. Jarvis go.” Lucian pulled himself back to reality and held her daughter‘s uiny hands.

He consoled her, “I know. I‘ll have a good talk with Ms. Jarvis.” Estella nodded. Her eyes glazed over as she let out a yawn.

Lucian placed Estella on the bed and tucked her in, “Go to sleep. I‘ll stay here and keep you company.”

Her head lolled to the side, and she dozed off after lying on the bed for a short while.

Complicated emouons churned within Lucian as he took in his daughter‘s calm sleeping face while pondering on her words earlier,

After Estella was sound asleep, Lucian tiploed out of the room and retumed to his bedroom.

When he was done washing up and was ready to sleep, it was already past midnight. Early the next miming, Lucian suffered from an intense headache.

Cayden was already waiting for him at the entrance of Lucian‘s other when the latter arrived. Cayden hurried forward at the sight of his boss. “Mr. Farwell.”

Lucian nodded and replied in a hoarse voice, “What‘s the matter?” Cayden took out a document and dipped to a page before showing it to Lucian. “

There are some minor problems with our project at Summerbank.The people at Summer bank are requesting a person–in–charge from our side to make a trip there in person.

However, Mr. Langdon has been handling another project recently, so he‘s currently unable to leave his post. What do you think.”

Lucian received the document and took a glance. The issue with the project was not something serious.

Assigning a project manager to Summerbank would have been sufficient.

However, Lucian had a different idea when he nouced the meeting place arranged by the other party.

He said to Cayden, “I‘ll get back to you in a short while.” Cayden replied affirmatively.

Upon entering his office, Lucian took out his phone and contacted Jonathan.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had just confirmed the meeting time with medicinal herb suppliers at Summer bank and was about to ring Roxanne Lucian called
him all of a sudden.

Jonathan answered the call instantly. “That matter you mentioned yesterday about deciding a time to meet with the medicinal herb suppliers from Summerbank, have you finalized the details?

If you haven‘t–” Lucian uttered solemnly.Jonathan interjected Lucian cheerfull y amidst the latter‘s speech, “You are more impatient than Dr. Jarvis. Even she has not urged me regarding this matter.”

Lucian grunted in response. “I just finalized the time and was about to call Dr. Jarvis,” Jonathan said. Lucian probed further after hearing that. “When is the date?”

Jonathan cast a look at the calendar. “Two days later, Why?” Lucian nodded. “I got it.”

Then, he hung up the call without offering Jonathan any explanation. After that, Lucian summoned Cayden to his office.

“Book me a flight to Summer bank tomorrow. I‘m making a trip there personally.” Cayden gazed at his boss as he was confused.

He merely consulted Lucian for his opinion on that matter earlier because Lucian had to make the decision.

Cayden was well aware that judging by the severity of the issue that arose at the Summer bank project, Lucian did not need to go there personally.

Nonetheless, since Lucian had given the order, Cayden did not dare to question him and swiftly agreed to proceed to make the subsequent arrangements.

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