Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 404

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 404 – After hanging up the phone. Jonathan rang Roxanne right away.

Roxanne picked up the phone very quickly and asked, “Mr. Queen, did the medicinal herb suppliers set up acme to meet already?”

Jonathan smiled and answered, “Yes. They‘re hoping to meet up and discuss the details in two days‘ time.

However, it depends on whether you‘ll be free by then.” The biggest issue the research institute had was the supply of medicinal herbs.

Naturally, Roxanne prioritized the meeting and agreed to meet them without any hesitation. “Ill be free. Please let them know I‘ll show up on time.”

“You don‘t have to prepare anything. Once you‘ve arrived, there‘ll be someone there to fetch you,” Jonathan answered.

In response, Roxanne said, “Thank you, Mr. Queen. Thank you for your help.” Jonathan smiled and replied, “No worries.

You‘ve done a lot in curing my grandpa back then.” After all, considering the relationship between Roxanne and Lucian,

he felt as though it was his duty to help out. At the same time, Jonathan tried to help Lucian by mentioning him in theconversation.

“Besides, Lucian had already called me and asked me to hurry up. Hence, it‘s only right for me to put more effort into this!”

Hearing that, Roxanne fell silent, and she recalled what had happened the night before.

According to Jonathan, Lucian still seems to be worried about matters concerning my research institute. Didn‘t I make myself clear last night?

Besides, I‘ve already told him Sonya is behind it. What is he up to now? After gelung no response from her,

Jonathan knew he had wasted his effort once again. He cleared his throat and said,

“Since my job is done, I‘ll keep an ear out for your good news in two days‘ time.” Roxanne pursed her lips and smiled. “

If everything goes smoothly, I‘ll visit you and thank you again.” They ended the call alter exchanging some pleasantries.

Jonathan was puzzled when he thought about how Roxanne had reacted when he mentioned Lucian.

I‘ve already planned everything out thoroughly last night, no? I‘ve given them the perfect opportunity to be alone with each other.

Why is Rozanne‘s attitude toward Lucian still the same? What happened between the both of them afier I left last night?

Now, the only issue left with the research institute is the supply of medicinal ingredients.

Roxanne heaved a sigh of relied after hearing those words from Jonathan

After ending the call, Jonathan texted Roxanne the details of he medicinal herb suppliers in Summer bank Roxanne got Colby to help her look through the details that day and came up with a business proposal.

All that was left was meeting them in Summer bank When Roxanne arrived home that evening, she looked rather relaxed compared to two days before.

Archie and Benny grew anxious when they saw how relaxed Roxanne was.

During dinner, Benny poked the food on his plate absent–mindedly and asked grumpily, “

Mommy, are you almost done with the matters concerning the research institute?” Roxanne nodded.

“I‘m going to Summer bank in two days. If everything goes smoothly, the problem will be solved.” In other words, they could be leaving the country soon.

Archie and Benny‘s faces fell after they exchanged glances with each other. “Must we leave the country?” Roxanne acquiesced silently.

She knew Archie and Benny were reluctant to leave Estella behind, and she was feeling the same way too.

However, she started feeling uneasy again after she recalled how imposing Lucian was the night before.

If we stay here, who knows what‘s going to happen in the future?

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