Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 402

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 402 – It was already late in the night when Lucian returned to the Farwell residence Estella had already fallen asleep a
long while ago.

Lucian‘s heart ached when he was reminded of how Roxanne had completely avoided mentioning Estella just now. He went upstairs to Estella‘s room.

The ligule girl had a serene sleeping posture. She lay on her side with half her face covered with blanket, seemingly sound asleep.

Lucian‘s gaze softened at the sight of his daughter. He lifted his arm and patted her head. Then, he tucked her in before getting up and left.

Just when he reached the door, he suddenly heard a sound behind him as if Estella was sobbing.

He stopped abruptly in his tracks, turned on his heels, and returned to her bedside.

Lucian gently pulled away the blanket covering Estella‘s face and saw her brows furrowed, eyes shut, and beads of tears staining her long eyelashes.

He wondered what kind of nightmare she was experiencing Lucian felt sorrowful when he saw her daughter in that state.

He raised his hand, wanting to wipe the tears off Estella‘s face. However, at that moment, she muttered in her sleep, “Ms. Jarvis… Don‘t go,

s. Jarvis…” Lucian frowned upon hearing that. In the past few days, he left right after coaxing Estella to sleep.

Even when he checked in on her in the middle of the night, he merely glanced if Estella had kicked her blanket away before turning to leave.

How many times has Essie erperienced similar dreams without my knowledge? Essie misses Roxanne so much.

Yet, Roxanne was so merciless. She was completely unfazed even when she heard of Essie‘s condition,

Al that thought, Lucian felt the temperature around him dropped.

Estella seemed to be frightened by him in her sleep because she suddenly started bawling He snapped back to his senses, carefully carried Estella,

who was still wrapped in the blanket, and clumsily palled her back. “It‘s all righi, Essie Daddy is here.”

However, Estella conunued to cry her eyes out. “No. Don‘t go. Boohoo…” Lucian‘s frown deepened as he listened to Estella‘s wails.

How could I not hear her if this is how loudly she cries? Just when he was blaming himself for his lack of attentiveness, Estella woke up.

he groggily hugged his neck, staining Lucian‘s clothes with her tears. Lucian did not mind. He asked with concern, “Don‘t cry, Essie. Daddy is here.

Tell me. What did you dream about?” Estella had yet to recollect herself as she whimpered Roxanne, Archie, and Benny‘s names.

Needless to say, she had dreamt of the scene when Roxanne, Archie, and Benny left.

Lucian could not bring himself to probe Estella further. He tightened his arms around her in an embrace.

After a long while, she was finally wide awake. She pushed herself away from him by supporting her tiny arms on Lucian‘s shoulder.

He freed one of his arms to wipe the tears off her face. “Did you dream of Ms. Jarvis?” She nodded in grievances.

Estella had a dream about Roxanne, Archie, and Benny boarding a plane.

She called them, but they ignored her, so she had no choice but to chase after their plane.

However, Estella failed to catch up with them and even tripped over. When she was reminded of the scenes in her dreams,

Estella‘s eyes reddened again. “Be good. Ms. Jarvis has yet to leave. I just met with her just now.”

Lucian tried his best to suppress his dissatisfaction toward Roxanne and tenderly comforted his daughter.

Estella leaned closer to him doubtfully and took a snilf with her nose wrinkled.

Her face gradually slackened when she caught a whilf of Roxanne‘s body odor on Lucian. Lucian asked again in concern, “

Do you have this kind of dream every night, Essie?” She pursed her lips and shook her head.

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