Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 401

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 401 – “I reckon Mr. Oucen bas told you about the incident that befoll my research institute this time.

and I‘m sure you know the culprit behind it, Mr. Farwell,” Roxanne stated.

Blunuy, she continued, “Despite having avoided you such, Mrs. Farwell still misunderstood things.

As you can see, all she needed to do was to say a few words. Consequently, not only had my small rescarch institute been plunged into turmoil,

but it might not even be able to survive in Horington. I only came back this time because of the research institute,

so I don‘t want any other trouble nor can I afford to be embroiled in any. Therefore, please be considerate of my predicament, Mr. Farwell.”

Her words were like a dagger, stabbing Lucian right in the heart. In truth, that was also the reason he allowed her to avoid him recently.

He didn‘t want to see her getting into unnecessary trouble because of him. When he was being personally reminded of that fact,

however, a peculiar feeling rose within him.

He was both anguished about her predicament and regretful that he ultimately wasn‘t firm enough with his mother, failing to protect her.

Roxanne didn‘t want to continue further, nor had she the strength to do so. She merely stated, “Please have Mr. Lawson pull over, Mr. Farwell.

We‘re now close enough to my house that I can take a taxi home.” Lucian was silent for a long moment.

In the end, he raised the partition and ordered Cayden to pull over in a tense voice.

Cayden found it strange, but he also knew there must have been some conflict between his boss and Roxanne. Surprisingly,

it was Lucian who relented. Al the man‘s orders, he pulled over at the nearest intersection. After thanking the man detachedly,

Roxanne opened the car door and alighted from the car. “Are we leaving, Mr. Farwell?”

Cayden inquired cautiously upon seeing that the woman had gone a distance away.

Lucian said nothing, his gaze fixated on Roxanne at the side of the road in the distance,Indeed, it was ditficult to hail a taxi at that hour.

Roxanne waited a long time by the roadside before she managed to get a laxi. Opening the car door, she climbed into the taxi.

When Cayden received no response from Lucian after a while, he naturally knew why the man was waiting Seeing that Roxanne had gotten into the taxi,

he asked once more, “Where are we going, Mr. Farwell?” “Follow the taxi,” Lucian instructed tersely.

Although Roxanne‘s every word angered him, he couldn‘t help worrying over her.

intimin Murmuring in acknowledgment, Cayden started the car and followed behind the taxi at a moderate distance. lance.

He trailed it all the way to Roxanne‘s mansion and watched as the latter alighted from the taxi and entered the mansion before turning around and
merging into the traffic, driving toward the Farwell residence.

By the time Roxanne arrived home, it was already close to ten o‘clock. Due to her stalemate with Lucian earlier, weariness was written all over her face.

Archie and Benny had been waiting for her downstairs. When they caught sight of her stepping into the house, they immediately trotted over in concern.

“Mommy! You look exceedingly tired! Is the problem with the research institute very tricky?” Forcing a smile, Roxanne patted their heads in reassurance.

I‘m fine. I‘m just a touch sleepy.” Benny took the jacket she removed. Just when he was going to hang it up,

he found the smell clinging to it somewhat familiar. This seems to be… Daddy‘s smell! He instinctively scrutinized Roxanne.

Exhausted physically and mentally, Roxanne didn‘t notice his abnormality. She apologized 10 them in a gentle voice, murmuring,

“Sorry I came home so late. It‘s late now, so I‘ll take you both upstairs to rest.” Failing to perceive anything amiss about her,

Benny frowned in puzzlement. Considering the smell, Mommy must have met up with Dadıly.

He glanced at her weary face again, ulumately swallowing the question on the tip of his tongue.

Judging from her look, it must have been unpleasant, even if that‘s the case. Hence, asking her about it will only upset her.

After hanging up the jacket, he obediently followed Roxanne upstairs to rest.

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