Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 400

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 400 – Roxanne made every effort to calm herself down.

She met Lucian‘s gaze calmly and stated gently, “With you acting in such a manner now, Lucian, I‘ll only find you even more of a stranger.”

As far as she remembered, he had always been calm and unruffled. In fact, he was rather apathetic. At least, that was his personality six years ago.

At present, he had become unfathomable to her.

Perhaps that comment of hers worked, for she sensed the grip on her chin seemingly relaxing gradually. She held her breath.

A while later, Lucian withdrew his hand and sat back in his seat. He gazed at her with a complex look in his eyes. “What exactly do you want?”.

That question rang out before Roxanne could breathe a sigh of relief. At once, bewilderment swamped her.

It should be me asking him that. I‘ve already made my stance clear as day. What exactly does he want?

“Never mind that you‘re avoiding me, but you‘re not even yisiting Essie anymore. Are you really this callous, Roxanne?”

Lucian pinned a sharp look on her. Roxanne‘s heart sank slightly.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she suppressed the strange feeling within her and drawled indifferently,

“Let‘s not talk about this anymore when it‘s meaningless anyway. Since my presence in the car is upsetting you so greatly, Mr. Farwell,

I think I should just get out of the car.” After saying that, she lifted her hand to tap on the partition and signal Cayden to pull over.

No sooner had she stretched out her hand than the man grabbed her wrist forcefully. Roxanne struggled to break free from his hold.

“If you really want to talk, Mr. Farwell, we can set a time and talk someplace else. I‘m very uncomfortable in this space right now!”

In that cramped space, she couldn‘t shake off the feeling that she was powerless to resist, no matter what Lucian did to her.

Following that thought, terror crept into her eyes as she stared at the man, Sensing her fear, Lucian narrowed his eyes a fraction.

He slowly released his grip on her wrist and questioned through gritted teeth, “You‘re afraid of me? What‘s to fear about me?

What have I done to hurt you?” He initially felt that it was already infuriating that she was distancing herself from him.

However, her terror of him then hit him like a bucket of cold water. A bone– piercing chill spread from the depths of his heart.

Never had he wanted her to fear him. Conversely, Roxanne‘s expression gradually turned chilly from his repeated harassment.

“Don‘t you find yourself ridiculous, Mr. Farwell? Hasn‘t it been your wish to marry Ms. Pearson?

Now that the two of you are getting married, you should somewhat take her feelings into consideration and keep your distance from other women,

specially me, since I‘m your ex–wife.” Lucian‘s brows scrunched together slightly. Verily, he didn‘t expect her to mention their relationship six years ago.

Meanwhile, Roxanne merely felt that it was better for her to put things in the open when things had gotten to that point.

I’m going abroad sooner or later anyway and won‘t have much contact with him anymore.

“If Ms. Pearson were to learn that you‘re being so familiar with me, Mr. Farwell, I‘m afraid that there‘d be some unnecessary misunderstanding.

I hope you won‘t put me in a difficult position anymore.” “You think I‘m putting you in a difficult position:” Lucian countered coldly.

At that, Roxanne‘s lips curved into a self–deprecating smirk. “Otherwise, you can also interpret it as my reluctance to repeat my mistakes six years ago.

No one wants to fall into the same trap twice.” In other words, she was telling the man that she wouldn‘t accept him even if he really had feelings for her.

The incident six years ago had already hurt her deeply, and she didn‘t want history repeating itself.

As Lucian recalled her conversation with his mother at the café that day, his heart abruptly sank.

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