Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 399

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 399 – “Please stop acting in such a manner, Mr. Farwell. We‘re merely strangers, so this is bothering me.”

Feigning calmness, Roxanne scowled at the man before her. The instant her words rang out, an indecipherable smile bloomed on Lucian‘s face.

In the next second, his cold voice echoed in the car. “Strangers?

Ah, it turns out that you have no qualms treating a stranger to a meal and getting into a stranger‘s car, Ms. Jarvis.

But since that‘s what you think, Ms. Jarvis, I don‘t mind getting familiar with you.”

Roxanne wanted to decline, but when she lifted her eyes, she saw that the man was already mere centimeters away from her.

In the cramped space, Lucian‘s broad figure carried such an immense sense of oppression that she had difficulty breathing.

“What are you doing?” Roxanne regarded the man in front of her warily. Lucian smirked unhurriedly. “I just want to introduce myself to you, Ms. Jarvis.“.

At that, Roxanne rebuffed frostily, “I don‘t want to listen to it! Nor do I think there‘s any need for us to be familiar with each other!”

However, Lucian allowed her no room to decline. Ignoring her, he started, “My name is Lucian Farwell, and I‘m presently the CEO of Farwell Group.

I was once married six years ago.” Hearing that, Roxanne seemingly suffered a blow and dipped her eyes in panic.

Alas, Lucian grasped her chin firmly and forced her head up. Staring right into her eyes, he continued, “Coincidentally, my ex–wife shares your name.

Her name is also Roxanne Jarvis. However, she ran off without a word, leaving a divorce agreement behind. I searched for her for six whole years.

I suppose you know her whereabouts, Ms. Jarvis?” Lucian‘s grasp tightened all the more.

Such pain racked Roxanne from his grip that she almost suspected her chin would shatter soon. The man‘s voice started growing muffled.

When she heard his last two utterances, her pupils constricted. She couldn‘t quite believe her ears either.

He‘d searched for me for six years? But why? Why would he look for me? Hadn‘t he been hoping to marry Aubree?

Thus, didn‘t my departure suit him just right? But then, his marriage to her has stagnated at an engagement in these whole sir years.

hy is that se? As she was at a loss, Lucian sensed her distraction. His grasp on her increased in strength once more.

In pain, Roxanne automatically grunted. Unfortunately, Lucian turned a deaf ear to it. Instead, he resumed speaking.

“I also have a daughter, whose name is Estella Farwell. She has been suffering from severe autism since young.

There‘s this woman she likes a lot, who‘s also known as Roxanne Jarvis. These days, she even had a recurrence because of that woman.

Don‘t you think that we‘re very much connected by destiny, Ms. Jarvis?” At the mention of Estella, Roxanne fell into a trance.

He knows all of my sore spots and is rubbing salt on them with every single word out of his mouth, from our marriage in name six years ago to Essie,

who‘s having a recurrence now because of me. A wave of guilt flooded her at the thought of Estella. Her gaze gradually softened as well.

Noticing that she was spacing out again, Lucian increased his force in disgruntlement. Roxanne jolted back to reality in a flash.

Gritting her teeth, she lifted her hand and grabbed his wrist, struggling wildly. “Let go of me, Lucian! Have you lost your mind?”

The corners of Lucian‘s mouth turned up in a smirk.

“It looks like my self– introduction was pretty good that you‘ve committed my name to memory so quickly, Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne was wholly baffled to hear that. When she glimpsed the dark look on the man‘s face, fear surged within her.

She felt as though he would devour her in the next heartbeat.

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