Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 393

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 393 – Jonathan noticed the way they looked into each other‘s eyes and had the sense to say nothing.

Only after they retracted their gazes did he smile and say to Roxanne, “Those herb suppliers that I have contacted only have branch offices in Horington,

but they should be able to provide a consistent flow of supply to your research institute. Is that all right with you, Dr. Jarvis?”

Pulling herself out of her reverie, Roxanne put on an appropriate smile. “Since they are introduced by you, I am confident of their capabilities.

Furthermore, a small research institute like ours won‘t be requiring lots of herbs. The branch offices should be able to satisfy our demands.”

Raising his brows, Jonathan uttered, “It may be small now, but with you around, who knows what may happen in the future?”

Roxanne smiled and did not respond. Instead, she asked, “What is the plan for the business proposal with those herb suppliers?”

Right now, all she wanted was to resolve the issue before Sonya could react. Once she settled the supply issue and left the country,

she would have nothing to do with the research institute. That way, Sonya would not make things difficult for them again.

Jonathan answered her query, “Their main offices are in Summer bank. It‘s best that you go there in person whenever you‘re available, Dr. Jarvis.”

Hearing him, Roxanne agreed in a heartbeat, “I can go there anytime. Once they confirm the time, please inform me.” Jonathan nodded.

Once the discussion regarding business was over things were a bit awkward in the private room.

Jonathan began to panic when he looked at the two of them.

Although Roxanne did not chase Lucian away, the both of them had not spoken a single word to one another.

In the end, Jonathan decided to help them. “Lucian, how has Essie been for the past two days?”

asked Jonathan innocently as he took a mouthful of food. Both Lucian and Roxanne‘s expressions changed when they heard that.

Not expecting Jonathan to mention Estella out of the blue, Lucian instinctively glanced at Roxanne, only to see she was busy eating.

Furrowing his brows, he replied unhappily, “She‘s fine, but her mood has been unstable. James has been coming to see her quite frequently.”

Ever since Estella knew that Roxanne planned to relocate to another country, it had been bothering her.

Even though Estella was trying her best to get well, her mood swings were still evident.

Estella had become like that because of Roxanne Yet, the latter did not seem to care about her condition.

At that thought, the temperature around Lucian dropped gradually.

The moment Roxanne heard Jonathan mention Estella, she tried her best to keep calm and not ask about the girl‘s condition.

Upon hearing Lucian‘s reply, she felt even guiltier. Roxanne was aware she was the cause of Estella‘s mood swings, but she still said those harsh words to the latter.

Essie must hate me very much now… Once again, Jonathan spoke. “What exactly happened? Essie‘s condition has been stable for quite a while now.

In fact, I thought she was getting better. Before we can celebrate the good news, her condition worsens again.

At this rate, how is Essie ever going to make a full recovery?” As he was saying that, Jonathan cast a glance at Roxanne, who was sitting in front of him

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