Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 392

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 392 – Ignoring their responses, Roxanne proceeded to sit down in front of Jonathan.

When Jonathan saw that Lucian was still standing there, he stated quickly, “Lucian, since Dr. Jarvis doesn‘t mind, join us.

Recently, Dr. Jarvis‘ research institute has encountered some problems. You may be able to help her!” Lucian merely frowned before sitting down.

Since Roxanne did not run away upon seeing him, he decided to stay on as well.

However, Roxanne acted as if Lucian was not there after inviting him to join them. When the dishes were served, she raised her glass and remarked,

“Thank you for helping me out with the herb suppliers, Mr. Queen.” e most Jonathan did not make a big deal out of it.

Clinking glasses with her, he re welcome, Dr. Jarvis. I‘m not the only one who has helped you with regard to this issue.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne frowned, as she did not understand what he meant. Jonathan was about to say more when someone glared at him.

Sensing Lucian‘s stare, Jonathan acted as if nothing happened and changed to another topic.

“If your research institute isn‘t that great, those herb suppliers won‘t be bothered with me. So, I think you have yourself to thank.

Your abilities are outstanding.” Roxanne smiled when she heard that. “Have the herb suppliers come to a decision yet?

If necessary, I can speak with them personally.” After all, they would be working with her research institute even though they were doing that as a favor to Jonathan.

She would be the best person to explain the situation at the research institute. However, Jonathan shook his head.

“There will be no need to. A few of them have already agreed to cooperate with your research institute.

However, you will still need to discuss the business proposal with them in detail.” In other words, the deal had been sealed.

All she needed to do now was to discuss the proposal with the herb suppliers. Seemingly pleased, Roxanne let out a sigh of relief.

The issue with the herb suppliers had been bothering her for a long iime. She could finally relax.

The moment she resolved the issue for the research institute, she could relocate overseas with Archie and Benny without any worries.

No one would ever give her any problems again. With that thought in mind, Roxanne subconsciously turned to look at Lucian.

However, she met his unfathomable gaze, and it startled ber.

Lucian had yet to start eating. In fact, he had been listening to their conversation all the while.

Since they were talking about business, he wanted to see Roxanne‘s reaction.

He realized that she gradually relaxed as the discussion about the research institute went on. That was when his eyes dimmed.

Once again, Roxanne had been under immense pressure, and he was not aware of it.

When Roxanne turned io look at him, he failed to look away in time. Their gazes met for a long time before Roxanne returned to her senses.

Clenching her fists hard, she averted his gaze. Her heart skipped a beat when she thought of the way Lucian looked at her.

The notion of her going abroad made her glance at Lucian, But why was he looking at me?

When Roxanne retracted her gaze, Lucian did the same, albeit unhappily.

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