Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 394

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 394 – All the mention of Estella‘s condition, Roxanne heart clenchied.

Yet, she couldn‘t show it in front of Lucian, Just when she was determined to leipni indifference, Jonathan abortytumical the subject to her “

I remember Essic like you lou back when you came to rent my grandfather,

Dr. Jarvis I wonder if her condition will improve it she spends more time with you.”

Alier saying that he nonchalantly added, “I was the first time I have ever seen her showing such Giver for someone else that I was shocked them.”

Roxanne‘s hand lightened around the fork in de hand. She didn‘t know how to tell him that she was the reason for listella‘s gravanced condition
At the side,

Lucian agreed with Jonathan and stable at her with lyrism look in his eyes,

In the past, shed relent as long as I brought up Essieu torchee But this time, it‘s painfully clear that she has already handened her heart to it all.

Silence reigned at the dining table, and Roxanne could distinctly scuse the women‘s gazes on her.

It was as though they were both forcing her to respond Verily, she had no idea how the meal turned into such a crise allir A long while later,

she forcclully composed herself. Then, she liliced her cycs calmly and said to Jonathan, “I‘m also very worried about Essie‘s condition,

but I don‘t think i have that much influence over her. In terms of keeping her company, I led that Ms. Pearson is far more suited to do so.

After all, they‘re going to be mother and hughter in the future.” As her words rang out. Jonathan was inexorably stunned,

He instinctively wanted to refute that, for she was Estella‘s biological mother despite Aubree wanting to be Estella‘s stepmother,

However, hic then abruptly realized that she had no inkling about it Authat thought, words cluded him,

and he didn‘t quite know how to reply to her. He glanced at the man beside him in embarrassment,

The instant Lucian heard Roxanne‘s response, hik gaze darkeneala shade, and his lips curved into a siirk.

“Ms. Jarvis is right. Essic has nothing to do with her, so wlay should she help to take care of Essie?”

Roxanne‘s expression stillened for a heartbeat when she heard that, but she ultimately didn‘t contradict him.

At her tacit agreement, fury blazed in Lucian‘s eyes Noticing the tense atmosphere between the two of them.

Jonathan felt a touch guilty and regretted having broached that subject.

I initially thought that Roxanne would relent slightly upon hearing about Essie‘s condition and decide to visit her since she‘s the latter‘s birth mother.

Alas, I forgot that she‘s in the dark about the truth. Besides, she was the one who personally told her that she was going abroad.

Therefore, she likely knows full well that she’s the reason Essie is emotionally unstable. But really,

I never thought that she‘d be so cruel to that little girl. Following that line of thought, a scrutinizing look entered his gaze as he studied Roxanne.

I wonder if she‘d regret her remark today if she were to learn the truth in the future.

Regardless of his wandering mind, he still remembered to clean up the mess in his wake. He casually cleared his throat.

“It was just an offhand suggestion. I forgot that you‘ve still got to deal with the matters concerning the research institute,

so you probably haven‘t the time anyway, Dr. Jarvis.” Roxanne remained silent. Chuckling sheepishly, Jonathan raised his glass to her.

“Let‘s not talk about this anymore. Here‘s to a smooth collaboration with the medicinal herb suppliers,

Dr. Jarvis! I‘ll contact you right after they‘ve confirmed the time.” At that, Roxanne forced a smile.

“Thank you for acting as the middleman, Mr. Queen.“

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