Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 378

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 378 – Roxanne was at a loss for words upon noticing how downhearted they were.

Thankfully, Archie and Benny knew their mother could not bear to leave Estella either.

Although they were upset, they eventually regained their composure and continued finishing their dinner, sensibly not uttering another word.

By the time Roxanne finished her dinner, she had drained every last bit of her energy.

The two boys went upstairs to rest as they were not in the mood to play anymore.

Watching them sleep, Roxanne gently stroked their cheeks and whispered, “ Sorry, darlings.”

At such a young age, Archie and Benny had to travel from one place to another becaụse of her. By right, these boys deserved a better life.

Had she told Lucian the truth, the Farwell family would for sure take them back, and they would be able to enjoy all the privileges.

Yet, Roxanne chose to keep them by her side. She had worked hard over the years to make it up to the boys,

but it seemed what she did was far from enough.

After watching them sleep for a while, Roxanne leaned forward and gave the m a peck on their foreheads.

She then stood up, turned off the lights, and left the room. When they heard the sound of the closing door,

Archie and Benny gradually opened their eyes and exchanged looks. They heard Roxanne‘s apology because they had been awake all along.

Why did Mommy apologize to us? Did she do anything bad to us?

Returning to her room, Roxanne packed her things for a while before lying on her bed.

As she had a long day at work, she thought she would fall deep into slumber in no time, but the moment she shut her eyes,

all sorts of images kept popping up i n her mind. She recalled how Sonya confronted her in the café,

how Estella cried while pleading with her to stay, and the disappointment on Archie‘s and Benny‘s faces. Roxanne felt helpless.

My life is nothing but a joke. After working hard for so many years, she thought she had garnered enough strength to face the Farwell family,

but that was not the case. To the Farwells, she was just another small fry. Once again, she had to leave the city because of the Farwell family,

because After what seemed like a long time, Roxanne finally fell asleep. When the alarm rang the next day, Roxanne woke up with a headache.

However, upon remembering Queen Group would deliver the herb today, she forced herself to crawl out of bed.

Even when she was freshening up in the bathroom, she was still very much in a daze. By the time she got downstairs,

Archie and Benny were already having their breakfast by the table.

When the two boys saw their mother coming down the stairs, they remember ed how she had apologized to them last night.

Even so, they believed Roxanne apologized to them when they were asleep becaus know, so they decided not to pursue the matter.

Looking at her face, they expressed their concern, “Did you not sleep well, Mo That question took Roxanne by surprise.

“You have dark circles under your eyes,” Archie added with a serious look as Upon hearing that, Roxanne immediately understood what they were implying.

Plastering a smile on her fa had too much coffee at work yesterday. Thanks for your concern, darlings.”

The two boys looked at each other, skeptical about her answer.

After asking After breakfast, Roxanne requested Lisa’s help to send them to the kindergarten During the drive to the research institute,

she could help but feel a tad anxious Jonathan might have given her his promise,

but somehow, she still felt insect Based on her experience with the other business associates, problems always occurred during the delivery.

Had to tell her the truth.

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