Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 379

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 379 – Roxanne arrived at the research

institute‘s entrance and saw Colby doing a check on the herb. Standing beside him was a plump man in a suit.

She had no idea what their conversation was about but could tell Colby was annoyed by the man who tried to please him.

Roxanne rarely saw such an expression on Colby as he had always been a patient gentleman. Quickening her steps, she walked up to them.

“Dr. Galloway, I didn‘t do this on purpose.

I was in a meeting when you called me yesterday, and I thought IP Before the man could finish his sentence,

Colby interrupted him indifferently when he saw Roxanne coming in his direction. He then introduced Roxanne to the man,

“This is Dr. Roxanne Jarvis, the person–in– charge of our research institute. Please tell her what you told me just now.”

The man froze for a moment and immediately tilted his head to look at Roxanne.

He then greeted her with respect, “Dr. Jarvis, I‘m Rex Tanner, the manager in charge of the herb from Queen Group. You can call me Rex.”

Roxanne looked confused. This man is from Queen Group? What‘s going on?

Words caught in Rex‘s throat as he did not know how to explain the situation to Roxanne. Truthfully, Rex was a victim of the incident.

He only gave Colby an attitude because Frieda told hi m that was Jonathan‘s idea. Now, he had no choice but to bear the consequences.

When Jonathan ordered him to apologize to people in the research institute,

he thought he should beg for their forgiveness in person instead of making a call. That was why he came here with his entourage.

Never did Rex think they would give him the cold shoulder. He tried buttering Colby up, yet the latter ignored him.

But I can‘t come clean and tell them the i nstruction came from Ms. Queen, can I?

niece When he found out Roxanne was the person–in– charge of the research institute,

he even further humbled himself before her as he knew she was the same person who cured Alfred.

After exchanging glances with Colby for a moment, Roxanne looked at Rex and nodded at him in response.

“What brings you here, Mr. Tanner?” she queried.

Roxanne believed the man standing in front of her was the man who did not bother to entertain Colby over the phone.

No wonder Colby gives him attitude today. Upon hearing the tone of Roxanne‘s voice, he could not help but sigh before saying apologetically,

Dr. Jarvis, Dr. Galloway called me yesterday, but I was in an urgent meeting When I thought of returning his call after the meeting,

Mr. Queen called me to his office. I got caught up with work and eventually forgot to get back to Dr. Galloway.

And that‘s how the misunderstand nding started…” Roxanne’s lips curled into a cold smile. “In other words, you‘re blaming us for being impatieni?

Are you trying to say we should have waited for your call, Mr. Tanner?” Cold sweat began beading on Rex‘s forehead.

He thought talking to Roxanne would be easier than communicating with Colby “That‘s not what I meant…”

The woman was petite but exuded a domineering aura.

Rex broke out in cold NI Roxanne glared at him for a few seconds before reaching out her hand. Dialing

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