Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 377

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 377 – Why The Sudden Question When Roxanne returned home in the evening, Lysa had brought Archie and Benny home and prepared dinner for them.

Upon noticing Roxanne from a distance, the two children greeted her, “You must be tired, Mommy!”

They tilted their heads to look at Roxanne and realized she looked worn out. The two boys exchanged glances.

Mommy must have had a hard time at work. Roxanne was exhausted after a long day at work, but after seeing how worried her sons were, she pulled
herself together.

Stroking their heads, she smiled. “Thank you, my darlings.”

When her words fell, Archie and Benny immediately ran to fetch her a pair of slippers and placed themat her feet. Roxanne responded with a grin.

When she took off her coat, the two boys grabbed it from her and hung it on the rack. It took them a while as they were not tall enough to reach the coat rack.

Roxanne giggled while patiently waiting for the boys. After they managed to hang the coat, she led them to the dining table and sat them down.

“Bon appétit, Mommy!” The two little ones evengave their mother some of their food. Roxanne’s smile grew wider.

All her exhaustion vanished in a flash when she saw how obedient Archie and Benny were. “Mommy, you must be tired, right?”

Benny leaned over to observeher expression. Roxanne responded with a comforting smile, “Not at all, especially seeing your faces.”

The two boys looked at her with suspicion. “Come, try some.” Roxanne gave them a portion of her food as well.

ust when she thought the little ones would dine in peace, Benny suddenly questioned endearingly, “Mommy,

when do we get to travel out of the country again?” Archie, sitting on the side, shot a glance at Roxanne.

Roxanne froze for a moment before answering, “I still have work to do at the research institute. We can travel once I complete all my tasks.”

“Does that mean we won’t get to travel anytime soon?” Benny queried again. Roxanne bobbed her head inresponse to his question.

“How long more do we have to wait?” Benny refused to give in for some reason, making Roxanne knit her brows.

When their gazes met, she noticed his eyes were full of anticipation. Roxanne could not help but feel a pang of guilt.

The two boys enjoyed living in Chanaea, yet they had to relocate from one place to another because of her.

However, knowing Sonya was on their backs, Roxanne had no choice but to steel herself and grasp at straws.

When she did not reply to them even after some time, the little ones urged her to give them an answer, “Mommy!”

Hearing that, Roxanne came back to her senses and put on a cursory smile. “I don’t have an answer yet.

What’s with the question, though?” Archie and Benny exchanged glances again. They were disappointed with Roxanne’s response.

Seeing them like this, Roxanne had no idea what was on their minds. “We bumped into Essie in the kindergarten.

She came to play with us, but we could tell she wasn’t happy,” Benny said ina sweet, mellow voice.

Looking at Roxanne, he pleaded, “Mommy, can we stay a little longer?” Roxanne felt a tingling pain in her heart when she thought of Estella.

After keeping mum for a moment, she shook her head. “We have to leave after I’ve completed my work here.

Don’t you miss Professor Lambert?” Feeling disappointed, Archie and Benny lowered their heads.

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