Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 372

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 372 – Stay Out Of It

Frieda took two steps back subconsciously as she defended herself, “Did I say anything wrong?

If Queen Group lands into trouble because we go against Farwell Group, that will be a huge crisis!” Jonathan felt his temples throbbing.

Clenching his jaw, he admonished, “Do you know why Queen Group can stand tall for over a century?” Frieda hung her head low and said nothing.

“That’s because we deliver what we promise!” Jonathan shot her a disappointed look.

“If we give up on our principle easily because of personal matters, Queen Group will lose the credibility to do business in the medical industry!”

Frieda cowered back and glanced at Alfred cautiously. She said humbly, “Jonathan, I’m doing this for Queen Group’s sake.

No company in Harington dares to go against Farwell Group! Mrs. Farwell warned every medicinal herb supplier in Harington to stay away from Roxanne.

If we don’t do the same, how will she think of us? Our relationship with Farwell Group might take a toll. It isn’t worth the risk.”

She then glanced at Jonathan to gauge his reaction. Jonathan stared at her icily and waited for her to devise more excuses to justify her foolish actions.

“Don’t you know what Roxanne did to the Farwell family six years ago? She deserves to get punished for her irresponsible actions.”

Frieda tried to add fuel to the fire. Right after she said that, Jonathan let out an icy snort.

Frieda’s heart leaped to her throat as she shot him a perplexed look.

“You remember what Dr. Jarvis did to the Farwell family six years ago, so I believe you still remember how Dr. Jarvis cured Grandpa a while ago.”

The more Frieda spoke, the more ridiculous Jonathan felt. He promptly exposed Frieda’s lousy excuse.

Taken aback, Frieda turned to look at Alfred instinctively. Based on what Jonathan said, it was clear that Alfred had made up his mind.

“Grandpa…” Frieda’s voice softened when she belatedly realized that she should act coy to Alfred.

After hearing her excuses, Alfred was puzzled and exhausted. He had treated his grandchildren equally over the years and taught them personally.

However, Frieda grew up as an ungrateful young lady with extreme behavior. Does she not respect me at all?

Disappointment flooded Alfred’s heart as he gave Frieda a crestfallen look.

“Don’t turn to me. Dr. Jarvis saved my life, and I made that clear during the banquet that we should treat Dr. Jarvis as our family.

How could you do that to her?” Frieda hurriedly explained, “Grandpa, you’ve gotten it wrong. I—” Alfred interjected, “Will you admit to your mistake?”

His voice was stern as he stared at her intently. Frieda fell silent, but the fear on her face turned to indignance.

Indeed, she had her reason for doing that, but she also did it for the sake of Queen Group. How dare they question me now?

They will realize they are wrong when Farwell Group causes trouble for them in the future!

As she didn’t seem to regret her actions, Alfred shook his head in disappointment. “

From today onward, you aren’t allowed to interfere in Queen Group’s business anymore. Jonathan will be in charge of Queen Group solely.

Frieda’s head whipped up in shock at her grandfather’s words.

Before she could protest, Alfred gestured for Jonathan to take him upstairs. He didn’t want to stay back and listen to her nonsense.

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