Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 373

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 373 – Think Of Another Way Upstairs, Alfred let out a sigh.

“Keep an eye on Frieda. She’s reckless, so I’m afraid she’ll do something foolish,” he told Jonathan. Jonathan agreed to his request hastily.

“Don’t worry.” “Also, don’t take Frieda’s words to heart. We shall supply Dr. Jarvis with the medicinal herbs she needs.

I shall bear the responsibility if Farwell Group causes trouble for us.” Alfred reminded, “Queen Group honors its promise, so we can’t break our principle.”

Jonathan nodded in response. “I’ll call Dr. Jarvis now to explain the situation to her,” he said. Alfred shot him a curt nod. “You can leave now.

I’m tired.” After learning what Frieda did, Alfred had gone cold with fury. Exhaustion only caught up to him after he dealt with the matter.

After helping Alfred to get into bed,Jonathan left the bedroom. He then gave Roxanne a call. Meanwhile, Roxanne was feeling heavyhearted in her office.

It was getting dark, butQueen Group still hadn’t reverted to her. She started suspecting that Colby was right.

Queen Group promised to investigate the matter, but it was just an excuse to brush her off.

If he’s right, I’ll have to figure out a way to contact the medicinal herb suppliers in the neighboring city.

It will take time to deliver the medicinal herbs, but that’s the only way for now. I wonder if those people have received warning from Farwell Group.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne pulledher phone out to call the senior she met at a previous academic conference.

She had just gotten her phone when it started vibrating and ringing. Stunned, Roxanne furrowed her brows and glanced at her screen.

Her eyes lit up when she spotted the caller ID. “Mr. Queen,” she greeted. Jonathan told her apologetically, “Dr. Jarvis, I’ve investigated the matter,

and it was just a misunderstanding. I’ve dealt with it, so we shall deliver the medicinal herbs you need to the research institute tomorrow morning.”

Hearing that, Roxanne exhaled in relief. She could finally relax at the good news. “Can I ask what happened?” Jonathan fell silent for a few moments.

“Well, it’s an internal problem within Queen Group, so I can’t tell you anything. However, it won’t happen again.

Don’t worry,” he assured. Roxanne didn’t ask any more questions and nodded. “Thank you.” Jonathan chuckled. “You’re welcome.

If you need any medicinal herbs urgently, please consider Queen Group first. We promise we’ll deliver the medicinal herbs as stipulated on the contract.”

Roxanne thanked him gratefully. After a brief small talk, the two ended the call. At the same time, someone knocked on Roxanne’s door.

Colby entered her office. Hehad waited the entire day but didn’t receive any updates from Queen Group.

Hence, he got worried and came over to ask Roxanne about the matter. “Dr. Jarvis, did Queen Group give you any update about the matter?” he urged.

He noticed the smileflitting across Roxanne’s lips right after he asked that question.

“They just called and promised to deliver the medicinal herbs first thing tomorrow morning,” Roxanne told him cheerfully.

Colby had already guessed the answer from her expression. He flashed a grin and said, “I knew Queen Group wouldn’t go back on their word.”

His smile slipped ashe added, “But Queen Group is the only company that is willing to work with us right now.

It isn’t enough.” The research institute was expanding quickly, so Queen Group couldn’t supply the medicinal herbs they needed fast enough.

Roxanne’s smile faded. “No matter what, this batch of medicinal herbs can solve our problem for now.

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