Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 371

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 371 – Taking Sides

Around half an hour later, Frieda arrived and strode into the house cockily.

She only put her arrogance aside when she realized Alfred was sitting on the couch. “You are here, Grandpa,” Frieda greeted Alfred with a pang of guilt.

Alfred threw her a displeased look and scoffed. Frieda rubbed her nose idly and made to join them on the couch.

“Stand right there!” Jonathan snapped. Frieda halted in her tracks unwillingly. As Alfred was around, she returned to her spot and stood there silently.

“Do you know why I asked you to come home?” Jonathan demanded. Frieda pursed her lips and feigned ignorance. “I don’t know.

I was shopping when you asked me to come back. Why are you upset?” Jonathan wore a wintry expression.

“Did you order Rex not to provide medicinal herbs to Dr. Jarvis’ research institute?” Frieda nodded indifferently.

Seeing her response, Alfred and Jonathan shared a look of confusion. Ever since Frieda first met Roxanne, she had been at odds with the latter.

Her grudge nearly caused Queen Group’s reputation to take a fall, but she didn’t think she was wrong.

“Why did you do that?” Jonathan furrowed his brows. Frieda pretended to be surprised.

“Jonathan, don’t you know that all the medicinal herb suppliers have been warned by Farwell Group not to supply any medicinal herbs to Roxanne?

If we continue supplying medicinal herbs to her, we’re announcing that we’re going against Farwell Group!”

A flash of surprise appeared in Jonathan’s gaze.

No wonder Roxanne said all the other medicinal herb suppliers stopped supplying the research institute with medicinal herbs when she came here in
the morning.

However, she didn’t explain why. It turns out that Farwell Group was behind it.

Jonathan recalled that Lucian and Roxanne seemed to be on good terms previously. In fact, Lucian defended Roxanne more than once.

Thus, he couldn’t understand why Roxanne was targeted.

As he frowned in puzzlement, Frieda added, “Mrs. Farwell didn’t say anything to us as we’re close to them.

But since we’re working closely with Farwell Group, shouldn’t we side with them?

We will be going against Mrs. Farwell if we insist on providing medicinal herbs to Roxanne’s research institute as per our promise.

If Mrs. Farwell gets upset, she might cause trouble for us!” Jonathan’s frown deepened. “Are you saying that Mrs. Farwell gave the order?

Why did she do that?” Frieda shot him a smug grin. “You don’t know about this, huh? Roxanne is Lucian’s ex-wife, and Mrs. Farwell didn’t like her at all.

It so happened that—”It so happened that I hated her, too. Thus, I took the chance to teach her a lesson.

Before Frieda could finish her sentence, Jonathan had guessed her intention. He leaped up from the couch abruptly.

Frieda’s voice trailed off in shock. “Shut up! You’re part of the Queen family. How could you say that? If word gets out, people will definitely laugh at us.

Queen Group has built its reputation painstakingly over the years, so there is no need to take sides to show our stance!”

Jonathan stormed over to her and threw her a glare.

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