Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 368

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 368 – Cancel The Collaboration

Back at the Queen residence, Alfred wore an ugly scowl after Roxanne left.

The caregiver came to bring him out for his daily exercise, but Alfred snapped, “I won’t be exercising today. You can leave now.”

With that said, he turned to Jonathan and demanded, “You promised to collaborate with Dr. Jarvis’ research institute, but why is this happening?

You didn’t even realize it until Dr. Jarvis showed up earlier. What if Dr. Jarvis didn’t come to demand an explanation?

Is Queen Group going to be known for not keeping its word?” Jonathan bowed respectfully and allowed Alfred to yell at him.

When Alfred was done talking, he parted his lips and admitted his mistake. “Grandpa, it was my negligence.

I shall start an investigation now and give Dr. Jarvis an explanation. Queen Group’s reputation won’t be affected!”

Alfred banged his cane on the ground angrily. “Investigate it now! I shall investigate alongside you to find out who the culprit is.

We can’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch.”

The Queen family had worked hard to build their reputation for a century, so Alfred refused to allow anyone to taint their name!

Jonathan seemed stumped. “Grandpa, I’m afraid I’ll have to head to the company to investigate the matter. You should rest at home.”

Alfred needed to recuperate and couldn’t travel too far. As he was still furious, Jonathan feared something would happen to him.

However, Alfred interjected angrily, “Dr. Jarvis saved my life, so I have to take action myself. That way, people will know how important she is to us.

Let’s go now!” He then got up with the help of his cane. Shock flared up Jonathan’s heart as he strode over to help Alfred back to the couch.

After a brief hesitation, he suggested, “Why don’t I ask Rex Tanner to come here? You’ll get to question him personally. I believe he knows something.”

Alfred agreed readily and sat on the couch with a dark expression.

Knowing Alfred was furious, Jonathan immediately called Rex as the latter was in charge of the medicinal herb supply.

Rex’s heart sank to his stomach when he realized Jonathan had given him a call.

Feeling guilty, he answered the call and greeted, “Mr. Queen, anything I can do for you?” Jonathan ordered, “Come to the Queen residence now.

I need to ask you some questions. Hurry up.” Without waiting for Rex’s reply, he hung up.

Rex was plunged into despair as he stared at his phone screen, which had gone black. On the way to the Queen residence, he made a call to someone.

The person answered quickly. “What’s wrong? Did Roxanne go to you?” Rex’s expression was grim. “

Dr. Jarvis’ research institute gave me a call, but I managed to brush them off.” The person on the other end of the line chuckled happily.

“Good job.Remember, we did nothing wrong by cancelling the collaboration as Roxanne is now Farwell Group’s enemy.”

Rex added hastily, “But Mr. Queen summoned me suddenly. My instincts tell me it’s because of this matter. Didn’t you say it was Mr. Queen’s order?

Why is he…” Rex had the guts to brush Colby off because he assumed it was Jonathan’s order.

However, he could not help but feel that something was off at that point. Mr. Queen isn’t someone who will go back on his word.

Besides, we aren’t even closely connected to Farwell Group. There was no need to follow Farwell Group’s attitude toward Dr. Jarvis.

Hmm… Mr. Queen sounded as though he wanted to question me earlier. The more Rex thought about the matter, the more distressed he got.

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