Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 369

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 369 – Brushing Off

“So what if he doesn’t know about it? All the medicinal herb suppliers in Harington listened to Farwell Group and stopped working with Roxanne.

We’re just following suit,” the person replied matter-of-factly after a brief silence. Rex belatedly realized he had been tricked, and his heart sank.

Alas, it was too late to do anything. “What if Mr. Queen asks about it?” he asked carefully.

The person fell silent for a few moments before brushing him off. “Just tell him the truth.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t know about Farwell Group as he demands to see you. Tell him everything.” The call was then ended.

Cold sweat had drenched Rex’s back by the time the call ended. The person didn’t reveal anything, but he wasn’t a fool.

It was clear that Jonathan knew nothing about the matter. I was dragged into the mess, but I dare not offend any of them…

Rex still hadn’t figured out an excuse to justify his actions when his car rolled to a stop outside the Queen residence.

However, he had no choice but to knock on the door. Soon, the butler answered the door.

“Mr. Tanner, welcome. Mr. Queen and Old Mr. Queen are waiting for you inside.”

Rex was drenched in cold sweat and could not bring himself to walk in.

He assumed Jonathan wanted to question him, so he had no idea that Alfred was informed about the matter.

This is far worse than I imagined it to be. At that point, he had no other options but to face the matter.

With his head hung low, Rex followed the butler to the living room. No one spoke for some time.

Rex glanced at the person sitting on the couch as fear flashed across his gaze. Holding the cane, Alfred shot him a furious glare.

Jonathan was sitting beside Alfred with a deadpan expression. His face might be devoid of expression, but he had a powerful presence.

Rex felt a chill go down his spine as their gazes landed on him. “Mr. Queen, Old…” Jonathan cut in icily,

“It looks like you know why I asked you to come here.” Rex nodded sheepishly. “Yes.

It’s about the issue regarding our company supplying Dr. Jarvis’ research institute’s with the medicinal herbs they need.”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone slammed his fist on the table.

Rex’s heart clenched as he stood frozen in his spot with his hands stuck to his sides. “If you knew, then why did you go against my order?”

Jonathan glanced at the furious Alfred and demanded, “Rex, I trusted you enough to put you in charge of the medicinal herbs business.

How could you do this? What is your explanation?” Rex promptly owned up to his mistake. “It was all my fault, Mr. Queen.

I shall apologize to Dr. Jarvis personally and arrange for the delivery of the medicinal herbs they need as soon as possible!”

Jonathan pinned him with a withering stare. “Are you trying to brush me off by saying it was all your fault?” Rex was a trusted subordinate of his.

After he learned that it was Rex who refused to help Roxanne, his first thought was that someone had used Rex.

Hence, he summoned Rex to get to the bottom of things. Never in his wildest dreams did he know Rex would try to brush him off!

He knew why I asked him to come but refused to reveal the culprit. “Mr. Queen, I…” Rex was in a dilemma.

They were both his superiors, so he dared not offend any of them and planned to shoulder the responsibility himself.

However, he had no idea Jonathan insisted on knowing who the culprit was.

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