Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 367

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 367 – Failing To Find A Way Out Alfred’s expression was grim too.

Queen Group made a promise to an outsider because of him, but the promise couldn’t be fulfilled. I can’t believe I’m encountering this at my age.

How humiliating! Besides, Roxanne was the one who saved my life! “Find out who double-crossed me!” he declared furiously.

Seeing his fury, Roxanne immediately consoled him, “Old Mr. Queen, I’m relieved that it wasn’t your order. Don’t be mad, for I won’t blame you.

I just want to know what happened.” Alfred took a few deep breaths to calm himself down before turning to Roxanne.

“Even if they ignore this matter, I shall give you an explanation! I’m still alive. I shall find out who had the guts to ignore my order!”

Roxanne bobbed her head profusely. She was about to spill the truth about Farwell Group but changed her mind.

Looks like Farwell Group didn’t tell the Queen family about it. At least Jonathan and Old Mr. Queen know nothing about it.

If I mention it right now, I’m afraid they will change their mind as they have to consider their relationshipwith Farwell Group.

Fortunately, I was tactful enough. Moreover, Jonathan and Old Mr. Queen didn’t press on. Lunch wasn’t a pleasant affair because of the incident.

After lunch, Roxanne bade goodbye to them hastily and made a beeline for the research institute.

Colbyhad just walked out of the research facility when he spotted her. He came over to her and asked, “What happened?

What did the Queen family say?” Roxanne was much morerelaxed then. “

It must be a misunderstanding. Mr. Queen promised to investigate the matter, so let’s wait for them.

They will resume supplying us the medicinal herbs that we need after the investigation ends.” Colby remained dubious. “The investigation will take time.

Aren’t you afraid it is just an excuse that they made up?” Roxanne’s brows scrunched up in resignation.

“What else can we do? It’s too late to contact medicinal herb suppliers from other cities now.

We have no choice but to place our hope on Queen Group. Even if Jonathan uses the investigation as an excuse, at least Old Mr. Queen trusts me.”

Hearing that, Colby finally heaved a sigh of relief. “If the investigation shows that it’s just a misunderstanding, that will be great.

If even Queen Group is threatened, then no medicinal herb supplier in Horington will dare to work with us.”

As Alfred had given them his word, they weren’t that anxious anymore. After greeting Colby, Roxanne went back to her office.

She shut the door behind her as her smile slipped from her lips.

Sonya wants me to leave Harington, but she doesn’t know I came to Harington for the research institute.

There’s no way I’ll allow the research institute to land in trouble because of me and leave Horington without looking back.

I’ve solved the medicinal herb supply problem for now. What will Sonya do next?

She has blocked my number, so I can’t even contact her to negotiate with her. She was in a dilemma when Harvey’s call arrived.

Roxanne quickly composed herself and answered the call. “Roxanne, how are things going in Chania?” Harvey asked cheerfully.

“I’m waiting for your return. I’ve already prepared a project for you.”

He assumed the research institute was doing well under Roxanne’s guidance, and it shouldn’t be difficultfor her to hand over her work.

Feeling guilty, Roxanne explained, “I’m sorry, Professor Lambert.

Something unexpected happened in the research institute, so I can’t head back anytime soon.” Harvey frowned. “Do you need my help?”

Roxanne shook her head. “It’s all right. I can deal with it. I’ll contact you after the matter is resolved.”

Harvey knew her well, so he didn’t press on after hearing her words. He exchanged pleasantries with her and cut the line.

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