Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 361

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 361 – Not Worth A Mention

After a series of calls back and forth, the only knowledge the pair learned was how the partners truly felt and that somebody was complicating matters
for them from the shadows.

However, no medical supplies was sent to the research until then.

In a panic, Roxanne thought of Larry as she remembered him mentioning during their last medical conference that he wished to establish himself in
Chania and would likely stay in Harington.

With his reputation in the medical world and the standing of the Morrison family in Harington, Larry would undoubtedly have connections.

A dash of hope lifted Roxanne’s spirits by that thought. “I’m going to call a friend,” she said to Colby, before getting her phone to give Larry a call.

The other end picked up almost immediately. “What can I do for you, Roxanne?” came Larry’s deep voice.

Roxanne froze for several moments as she realized that throughout their acquaintance, she had always asked Larry for help.

Suddenly, she felt too embarrassed to speak. Larry sensed her reticence from the other end and frowned in puzzlement.

“Roxanne? Is there anything I can help you with?” “Do you have any medicinal herb suppliers you’re on good terms with in Horington, Larry?”

Roxanne asked rather abashedly. “Could you introduce them to me?”

Larry agreed to it without a moment’s thought, nor did he ask her why she wanted medicinal herb suppliers. “No problem,” he replied.

“I’ll make a few calls and let you know soon.” Roxanne did not expect him to agree so rapidly.

“Thank you, Larry,” she said appreciatively after several seconds of startled silence. “I’ll await the good news, then.”

She detected Larry’s displeasure when he next spoke. “Why are you so courteous with me? You have saved my parents’ lives.

This small favor I’m doing you cannot compare to the debt we owe you. Even if I dared to accept your thanks, my parents would never agree to it.”

Roxanne smiled and took back her words. “All right. I’ll await your good news.” Larry assured her she would before hanging up.

olby gazed at Roxanne in confusion in the office as he did not know who it was she had spoken to on the phone.

He thought it sounded like somebody important. Besides, Roxanne’s expression became more at ease after the phone call.

“Is he… trustworthy, Dr. Jarvis?” asked Colby in an uncertain tone. Roxanne nodded. “He is Larry Morrison, a senior I’ve met abroad.

You must have heard of him.” “Him?” Colby was shocked. Larry’s name was known internationally by that point, especially amongst the younger generation of medical practitioners.

He was known as both a skilled doctor and a wealthy heir. Roxanne not only knows him but also sounds like she is on good terms with him!

Colby felt a tinge of embarrassment. Roxanne is a fantastic girl with her pick of deserving men around her.

Compared to them, I am not even worth mentioning.

Colby made a promise to himself after he took that fact into consideration I Will make it in the medical world one day and become a man worthy of

Fraught with worry while she awaited Larry’s reply, Roxanne was unaware of his sentiments.

She did not mention the incident of the research institute being subjected to sabotage to Larry as she did not know who was behind it.

’m not sure if Larry can stand against them. It’s better not to risk dragging him down. Roxanne felt a tinge of fear at that thought.

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