Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 362

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 362 – A Sudden Strike

A good half an hour passed before Larry got back to her. Almost immediately, Roxanne was there to pick up the very moment the phone screen lit up.

How did it go, Larry?” she asked anxiously. Larry’s tone sounded somewhat somber. “Discussions were going pretty well,

that is, until I mentioned your research institute. It seemed to have altered their attitude completely.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne’s eyes dimmed, and her lips curled up slightly into a soured expression. “I see. Sorry to trouble you.

Going forward, please do not get yourself involved in this matter anymore. I’ll figure out a way to resolve it myself.

She was concerned that Larry would also be marked should he continue to help her.

When her voice faded out, she heard Larry forward a query quite out of the blue, “What’s going on between you and Mr. Farwell?

He’s the one who is responsible for this, isn’t he?” That unequivocally took Roxanne by surprise.

Lucian? Why would he want to do something like that, and how did Larry come to such conclusion?

With that in mind, Roxanne went on to ask, “Why would you say that? What does this have to do with Lucian?”

That yielded a frown from Larry. “You must have sensed that whoever is behind this must be out to get you.” Roxanne responded with a grunt.

“I am aware of that, but… I can’t think of any reason why Lucian could be driven to do something like this.” “I’ve been asking around.

Farwell Group had secretly put out the word to all the major suppliers, warning them that they would be setting themselves up against Farwell Group if they dared to collaborate with you,” a grim-faced Larry replied.

Hearing that brought out a look of astonishment in Roxanne’s eyes. Beside her, Colby’s brows also creased up upon hearing that.

Farwell Group was behind this? But since when had they crossed paths with Farwell Group?

To be precise, when did Roxanne get so tangled up with Farwell Group to the point that they felt that they needed to devote that much effort toward dealing with her?

Colby suddenly thought of Aubree. Even at that point, he still had no idea what enmity could have existed between Roxanne and that woman, so much so that the latter wanted to target them the way she did.

If memory serves, Ms. Pearson is openly known as Mr. Farwell’s fiancée. Could it be that Ms. Pearson is trying to rid herself of a potential rival?

Then again, it would not be likely, for they would have been able to sit there so leisurely had that been true.

For the life of him, Colby was simply unable to wrap his head around the matter. Roxanne, though, had a good hunch of her own.

“No. It wasn’t Lucian,” she calmly explained. “Then who could it be?” Larry wore a solemn expression on his face.

“It doesn’t matter.” Roxanne twitched her lips.

“You shouldn’t continue to get yourself involved in this anymore, I already feel bad enough about dragging the research institute into my personal issues, so I certainly don’t wish to end up dragging you down as well.”

Larry fell silent briefly before he sought clarification. “Does that mean to say that you’ve already figured out who is behind this?

I’ve no problems about staying out of this, but I need to know whether he means to do you harm.”

After some consideration, Roxanne replied in earnest, “I think that the research institute was targeted because that person wants to drive me out of

Well, don’t you worry. Worse come to worse, I’d just go back. I’m sure the situation with the research institute would eventually improve once I’m out of the picture.”

Larry scowled, but nevertheless agreed. When she ended the call, Sonya’s poker face manifested inside of Roxanne’s head.

She could think of no one apart from the former inside Farwell Group who would treat her that way.

Roxanne’s brows shriveled into a taut furrow upon gaining that insight into the situation.

She wondered what exactly had happened in the places beyond her peripheral range? Why did Sonya decide to strike against me all of a sudden?

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