Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 360

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 360 – Why Wait Until Now

Is they were alone in the office, the full extent of their worry appeared on their faces.

“I wonder if you remember what Pearson Group did when they picked on us the last time,” Colby said as s twitch of concern flickered across his brow.

Roxanne’s forehead creased at his words. She too recalled the experience of being sabotaged by Aubree upon her return to the country.

All the medicinal herb suppliers in Harington had rejected partnership offers made by the research institute without providing a reason under the order of
Pearson Group then.

Somebody must have ordered the medicinal herb suppliers to cut us off. But who could the mastermind be? Roxanne’s gaze darkened.

Her mind was in a mess. As they had already resolved the trouble Aubree had caused them, Roxanne was sure they would not be subjected to the same tactics.

Though Colby did not voice it aloud, he knew Roxanne was the intended victim of the ordeal.

He patted her shoulder trying to comfort her as he saw how worried she was. “Don’t overthink it right now.

Since you’re here, I think you should personally call our partners and find out their intentions.

It is of utmost importance to search for another supplier quickly if they do not want to work with us anymore.

We need to ensure that all our projects remain on schedule.” Roxanne pulled herself out of her reverie and nodded in agreement.

Soon, Colby produced the contact numbers of all the research institute business partners for Roxanne to call one by one.

“I’m really sorry, Dr. Jarvis. Though it has been a pleasant partnership with the research institute, we cannot accommodate your demands for the
specific ingredients you need given such short notice, so…”

“Is that you, Dr. Jarvis? Apologies for not having informed you earlier for it happened so suddenly.

Our factory is rushing to meet a huge order for a hospital, so it is very likely that we cannot make it for the research institute’s order.”

Roxanne called several companies in a row, and the persons in charge found all sorts of reasons to reject her.

The meaning behind their words could not be more explicit. They did not intend for the partnership to continue. Roxanne clenched her fists.

Undeterred, she dialed another number. Taking pity on her for how distraught she looked, Colby patted her hand tenderly. “Don’t bother.”

Roxanne glanced at him in confusion. “It’s obvious that somebody has a bone to pick with the research institute.

Besides, they seem to be on equal footing with the Pearson family and possibly even more influential. It will end the same way as before if this goes on.”

Though she was reluctant to admit it, she knew he was right. After a moment’s silence, Roxanne placed the phone down dejectedly.

“If I may ask,” Colby asked in concern, “have you offended anybody of late?” Roxanne stiffened up imperceptibly at his words.

“I don’t mean to sound like I’m blaming you,” Colby explained hastily. “After all, you were the one who solved this very problem we faced previously.

I want to remind you that since they are capable of going to such lengths, they might find it in them to act against you or the kids.

You must be careful. Don’t worry about the research institute as I can still persist for some time.” Colby then smiled reassuringly at her.

“Thank you,” Roxanne said, her eyes shining with gratitude.

However, she still could not think of anybody who would take such drastic measures against her. The only possibility is Sonya.

However, Roxanne had made things clear to Sonya the last time they met and had not contacted Lucian within that period.

If Sonya had done it, she could have done it on the day of the breakup instead of waiting until now.

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