Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 357

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 357 – Fan The Flames

A hint of displeasure flashed across Sonya’s eyes at Aubree’s concern for Estella and at the thought of Lucian rejecting her suggestion.

If her son had heeded her words over the years to have Estella spend time with Aubree, Estella might not be so attached to Roxanne, given Aubree’s
fondness for Estella.

Estella, too, would have no need for Roxanne. Aubree made a remorseful face. “

To be honest, I’m still slightly envious of Ms. Jarvis and how she gained Essie’s favor so quickly. It would be nice if Essie were that fond of me.”

Aubree glanced slyly at Sonya, who frowned at those words. “What nonsense!” she snapped.

“If you are to become Essie’s mother, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes fond of you. Who does that woman think she is, anyway?

I’ve told her I will make her life in Horington difficult if she tries to contact Lucian and Essie again.”

Sonya’s words struck a chord with Aubree and filled her with delight.

Everything is falling into place! I was just trying to figure out how to convince Sonya to kick Roxanne out of Horington but she suggested it.

In that case, just a little fanning of the flames would suffice. Spurred by that thought, Aubree put on a worried expression.

“Will such a day ever come, Mrs. Farwell? Essie is very fond of Ms. Jarvis.

Even if Lucian isn’t prepared to marry her, Essie’s feelings would still be his top priority, like how he has been rejecting me.

I feel he might even accept Ms. Jarvis for Essie’s sake.” Sonya’s expression became stony. “I’ve told him to stay away from Roxanne.”

“Essie is still a child,” Aubree argued. “She wouldn’t understand and would cry for Ms. Jarvis no matter what we adults tell her.

I think we should wait before doing anything as I can’t bear to see her upset.

I will be happy for Essie if Lucian ever falls for Ms. Jarvis and decides to marry her for Essie’s sake.” “Never,” Sonya vowed quietly.

A look of puzzlement flashed across Aubree’s face as if she did not understand the other woman. Sonya scowled.

“If we can’t stop Essie from seeing her, then we’ll have her disappear from Harington. Essie will forget her existence with the passage of time.”

Having planned that from the start, she knew it was an inevitable eventuality.

Given Roxanne’s current financial and social standing, it would only take a few phone calls to exile her from Harington.

Aubree snickered to herself while adopting a façade of panic. “Don’t act rashly, Mrs. Farwell! Ms. Jarvis did nothing wrong.

Besides, it mightexacerbate Essie’s condition if Ms. Jarvis disappears suddenly.” Sonya gazed at the other’s injured arm with a concerned frown.

“Your arm wouldn’t be hurt for the second time if it was not for her.

Speaking of Essie’s condition, I was planning to have you spend more time with her and develop a rapport. You need to warm her up to you slowly.”

Though Aubree was already beside herself with glee, she still felt the need to put on an act of dissuading the older woman.

Though every refrain sounded like she was trying to stop Sonya, Aubree was actually fanning the flames.

Sonya’s dissatisfaction with Roxanne grew the more Aubree spoke. At last, she patted the younger woman’s hand.

“You shouldn’t have to concern yourself with these matters. Just focus on getting better during your stay here at the hospital.”

Aubree pretended to fall into disgruntled silence, carefully putting on a disagreeable expression as she did so.

Sonya did not plan to persuade her further. Instead, she insisted for Aubree to fall asleep while she kept her company.

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