Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 356

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 356 – Nothing Is More Important Sonya’s veins immediately popped after the call ended.

The woman remained boiling with anger even after she had reached the hospital.

I’ve wanted to see Lucian marry Aubree for so many years, but now he tells me that he’s planning to break up with Aubree?

I won’t accept that! Only when Sonya reached the door to Aubree’s room did she replace her anger with worry.

Curled up in bed, Aubree seemed to have fallen asleep, so Sonya tiptoed into the room to check on the young woman.

When Sonya noticed how much thinner Aubree had become, she was convinced that the poor woman had suffered because of the injury.

Even though Aubree was asleep, her eyebrows were tightly knitted, showing her discomfort.

Seeing Aubree like that only made Sonya feel more guilty. “I’m here, Aubree,” informed Sonya in a soft voice.

Aubree furrowed her eyebrows even more when she heard Sonya. Only after staring at the elderly woman for a while did Aubree regain her senses.

“I didn’t expect you to be here so soon, Mrs. Farwell.” Sonya quickly stopped Aubree when the young woman tried to sit up. “It’s okay.

ou don’t have to get up.” After gazing at Aubree’s injured arm, Sonya inquired concernedly, “How’s your arm? I can get someone to check it out for you.”

In response, Aubree pretended to feel her arm for a while before smiling apologetically at Sonya. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.

It seems I made a big fuss out of nothing. I’m sorry for troubling you at such a late hour, Mrs. Farwell.” Sonya let out a sigh of relief. “

I’m glad to hear that you’re fine.” Then, Aubree looked expectantly behind Sonya as though she expected someone to be following behind the elderly woman.

When she could not find anybody, she lowered her eyes in disappointment.

“Where’s Lucian, Mrs. Farwell? Is he still working?” asked Aubree, pretending to be unaffected by the man’s absence.

Sonya boiled with anger once again when Lucian was mentioned, but for Aubree’s sake, she suppressed her emotions. “Lucian’s already gone home.

Essie’s not feeling well, so I’m afraid that he won’t be…” “He should stay home with Essie,” voiced Aubree with a warm smile. “My arm’s fine.

Plus, Essie is more important.” When Sonya saw how understanding Aubree, she felt even guiltier about her son’s actions, so she promised,

“You’re the best daughter-in-law anyone can ever ask for. I’ll get Lucian to marry you as soon as you recover!” To that, Aubree responded with a shy nod.

Sonya could not see it, but Aubree’s lips had already cracked into a devious smirk.

It can’t be a coincidence that the little brat got unwell as soon as she left Roxanne’s place!

Aubree could not believe that her plan to keep Lucian by her side got sabotaged by a little girl, so she vowed to deal with both Roxanne and Estella.

After a moment, Aubree lifted her head to meet Sonya’s gaze. “Hey, Mrs. Farwell. I remember that Essie likes Ms. Jarvis very much, doesn’t she?

Do you think it’ll help with her condition if she gets to spend more time with Ms. Jarvis?” Sonya raised an eyebrow curiously when she heard that.

“I thought you didn’t like Roxanne.” “I was afraid she would steal Lucian from me, but I know I was wrong to think that way now.

There’s nothing I can do about it if she’s the one Lucian loves.

Besides, nothing is more important than Estella’s well-being,” responded Aubree with a bitter smile.

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