Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 358

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 358 – According To You

Aubree shut her eyes and pretended to sleep. After a while, she vaguely heard Sonya’s voice, engaged in a conversation on the phone,

coming from outside the ward. “Find out what Roxanne has been up to after returning to the country.”

The person on the other end must have found something in their investigations and was making a report to Sonya. “I see,” Sonya replied.

“If that’s the case, notify all the medicinal herb suppliers in Harington that it is now an act of rebellion against Farwell Group to provide medicinal herb supplies to Roxanne.”

The person on the other end hurriedly assured her. At the sound of Sonya’s footsteps fast approaching,

Aubree quickly adjusted her expression to appear that she was fast asleep. Sonya stood beside the bed.

Her eyes blazed with tenderness and guilt upon noticing how weary Aubree looked.

Roxanne shouldn’t have come back after walking out six years ago! I will have her disappear from our sight for good this time, no matter what it takes.

My son should not let a good girl like Aubree down. Aubree was beginning to feel uneasy under Sonya’s scrutiny.

Pretending to be startled awake from her slumber, she appeared surprised at the sight of the older woman standing by her bed.

“What time is it, Mrs. Farwell? Why are you still here?” Her act was flawless. Even her hoarse voice upon waking was impeccable.

Sonya smiled as if nothing had happened. “It’s all right. I’m just staying here to keep you company.” Aubree frowned. “You should be getting back.

It isn’t ideal for you to spend the night here. I will feel so guilty if you fall ill tomorrow.” It was only then that Sonya agreed reluctantly.

“I’ll walk you out.” Aubree made to sit up. Sonya hurriedly pressed her shoulders firmly back against the bed. “You rest. I’ll see myself out.

The driver is waiting downstairs.” Aubree did not force her. Instead, she nodded docilely. “Have a safe trip home.”

Sonya assured her that she would before adding, “The caretaker Lucian arranged for will arrive tomorrow. You can give me a call if you need anything.”

Sonya only felt at ease to leave the ward after extracting Aubree’s promise. She then turned off the light in the ward along her way out.

Shrouded by the darkness, Aubree scoffed disdainfully after hearing the room door click shut.

So what if Lucian’s little btch doesn’t like me? So what if they prefer Roxanne? They’ll have to choose me if Sonya’s plan succeeds!

As for that btch Roxanne, she had stolen Lucian from me once six years ago. I will not allow the same thing to happen again six years later!

That b*tch should just go back to where she came from! I am the only woman Lucian is permitted to have by his side!

In the meantime, Roxanne was ignorant of the schemes of the two women.

Her tale to Estella of taking up residence abroad was merely a last-minute concoction to appease the child.

Upon further consideration, Roxanne felt that going abroad may not necessarily be a bad idea if she wanted to throw the Farwells and Aubree off
her back once and for all.

At the very least, she would be able to lead a stable life as she did once before.

However, the decision was a little rushed as many preparations were to be made. She also had to have a serious discussion with her professor.

Roxanne pulled an all-nighter to send Harvey a message to express her thoughts. Harvey’s reply was prompt as it was daytime on his end. “

That’s according to you. However, you must first resolve the outstanding matters in the research institute if you wish to return.”

With a smile of relief, Roxanne promised him. It was already dawn when her discussion with Harvey ended.

After drawing up a simple to-do list for herself, Roxanne tidied up and fell asleep.

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