Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 342

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 342 – Send Her There

Estella held her book and wrote each letter carefully. When she was done, she lifted it to show Pippa.

She wrote: Ms. Ward, I also want to be excused from school. The little girl looked at Pippa with a serious expression.

Pippa had roughly guessed Estella’s intention, but she still asked, “Are you going to see Archie and Benny?” Estella nodded vigorously.

Pippa frowned and thought for a while. “I can grant you leave from school, but you have to tell your daddy and let him take you there.”

Estella’s expression fell again when she heard that. She shook her head stubbornly and wrote in the notebook: No Daddy!

Seeing the big exclamation mark at the back, Pippa could not help but feel troubled. Estella’s situation was special in the first place.

During the previous parent child event, the little girl got lost, which scared Pippa a lot and made her even more concerned about the girl.

Normally, in such situations, Pippa should get Estella’s parents to come over to take her there.

She even had to hand over the little girl to her father in person. However, for some reason, Essie displays such aversion toward her daddy.

When she did not get a reply from Pippa after a long time, Estella pouted again, and her eyes were red.

She wished to visit Archie and Benny, but she knew that if her father went with her, Roxanne and the two boys would not be happy.

Pippa noticed that the little girl was about to cry again. In the spur of a moment, she could only say, “I’ll take you there, okay?”

Estella’s eyes lit up again as she nodded vigorously. As soon as Pippa finished speaking, she regretted it.

If something were to happen along the way, I couldn’t bear such a responsibility. But I’m defenseless against her pitiful expression.

In the end, Pippa still drove the little girl to Roxanne’s house in person. Roxanne had left her home address during the kindergarten registration.

However, as it was Pippa’s first time going there, she almost took a detour on the way. It was Estella who showed her the way.

Pippa was somewhat surprised. She did not expect that the little girl had been to Roxanne’s house so many times that she had even remembered the

By the time the two arrived at Roxanne’s house, it was close to noon. Pippa led the little girl to ring the doorbell.

Roxanne had been accompanying the boys at home for the past two days. Upon hearing the doorbell ring, she immediately went to open the door.

The second she saw the people at the door, she was stunned. Pippa gave Roxanne an awkward smile. “Sorry for the abrupt visit, Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne slowly looked away from the little girl she was holding, turned sideways to let them in, and went to pour Pippa some coffee.

“Is there any particular reason for your visit, Ms. Ward?” Roxanne placed the cup down and sat down on the couch beside her.

Upon hearing that Pippa had come, Archie and Benny ran over to greet her before shifting their gazes to Estella beside her.

There were still tear marks on the little girl’s face, but when she saw the boys looking at her, she still gave them a sweet smile.

Archie and Benny, however, were worried, wondering if Estella got bullied in kindergarten.

Pippa glanced at the boys before asking in concern, “Two days ago, you told me that Benny was sick.

Essie was worried, so I sent her here and also came to see Benny. How is he?”

Hearing that, Roxanne looked at Estella with mixed emotions and explained to Pippa,

“He’s feeling much better, but I’m still worried, so I told him to rest at home for two more days. He’ll go back to kindergarten in the next two days.”

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