Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 341

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 341 – Only Want Archie And Benny

Pippa heard Estella’s sobs as soon as she entered the classroom.

She quickly looked over, only to see the little girl crying her heart out with a tearful face. “What’s wrong, Essie?” Pippa hurried to the little girl’s side.

Estella simply continued crying without saying a word. Beside her, Yoel obediently stood up and explained the situation to Pippa,

“Ms. Ward, when class was over, I wanted to invite Estella to play, but I seemed to have scared her.”

Soon, someone could not stand it and spoke up for Yoel. “It was Estella who it Yoel first, but she ended up crying herself.”

Pippa listened to the children’s words, and understanding dawned upon her.

Having been Estella’s teacher for such a long time, she naturally was aware of the girl’s condition.

Moreover, she had also noticed Estella’s gloomy mood for the past two days. It should be as Yoel said. He scared Essie, so she hit him.

At that thought, Pippa looked at Yoel with concern. “Where did Estella hit you? Are you okay? Let me have a look.”

The boy stretched out his hand obediently. “She just hit the back of my hand. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Pippa looked over him, and after confirming that he was fine, she finally felt at ease. “I apologize to you on Essie’s behalf.”

Yoel nodded indifferently before looking at Estella with concern. “But she’s still crying.” Pippa was equally worried.

She lifted Estella, stood up, and said to the other students, “I’ll take Essie out for a while. Another teacher will come to watch you. Be good.”

When the children agreed in unison, Pippa walked out of the classroom with Estella in her arms. “Essie, I’ll give your daddy a call, okay?”

Estella was not in a good state, and Pippa had no choice but to treat it seriously.

However, as soon as she spoke, she saw Estella shaking her head vigorously.That left Pippa in a dilemma.

If I were to go against Essie’s wishes at this moment, I’m afraid her situation would worsen.

But if I don’t get Mr. Farwell to come over, I also don’t know what to do with her.

“Then tell me why you’re crying, okay?” she said patiently, trying her best to calm the little girl down. Estella choked out two words, “Archie, Benny…”

Pippa’s heart softened as she instantly understood what the girl meant. Archie and Benny didn’t come to school for the past two days, and she’s
feeling sad.

After knowing the reason Estella was crying, Pippa let out a sigh of relief and explained, “

Benny is not feeling well these past two days, so he was excused from school. He will come after he has recovered.”

When she heard that, Estella’s sobs reduced to sniffles, and she looked at her teacher with distrust on her teary face.

Seeing that Estella truly reacted because of this matter, Pippa felt relieved as she soothingly stroked the little girl’s head. “

I know that you like Archie and Benny, but the other children in the class are also very nice.

Since those two are absent these two days, you can get to know the other children in the class better, Essie!”

Estella’s eyebrows angled upward, forming an inverted vie as she shook her head in refusal.

I don’t want to get to know the other kids. I only want Archie and Benny! Ms. Ward says that Benny is sick…

The little girl did not know if she could believe it, but she could not help worrying.

She tried her best to hold back her tears and ran back to the classroom to get a pen and paper. Seeing this, Pippa stared at her in puzzlement.

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