Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 343

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 343 – Were You Worried About Me

After asking a few more questions out of concern, Pippa checked the time and appeared troubled.

Although she agreed to excuse Estella from school, she did not take any leave, and it was not good to stay outside for too long.

“Since you’ve visited Archie and Benny, Essie, let’s go back,” Pippa asked the little girl for her opinion.

However, Estella stared at Roxanne and the boys, pursed her lips, and shook her head.

Seeing Estella’s reaction, Pippa knew it would not be easy for her to take the little girl back that day.

Not knowing what to do, she could only shoot Roxanne a beseeching look. Roxanne smiled at her. “Let Essie stay. I’ll send her home later.

You can go off first.” Hearing those words, Pippa sighed with relief and got up to say goodbye. Roxanne and the children saw Pippa out before returning to the living room.

Estella clutched the woman’s hand tightly the entire time and did not want to let go even though her hand was sweating.

Although Roxanne’s heart softened at the sight, she had to force herself to be firm.

The reason why she told Pippa to let Estella stay was that she knew the little girl would not leave easily.

Secondly, she also had something to say to the girl. Roxanne crouched down, looked into Estella’s eyes, and was about to speak when suddenly,

the little girl’s stomach growled. “Essie is hungry, Mommy,” Benny innocently reminded his mother.

Roxanne’s eyebrows knitted slightly. However, looking at the innocent and

pitiful little face in front of her, the words she intended to speak could not come out. She merely said, “It’s lunchtime.

Have lunch with us, Essie.” Estella bobbed her head obediently.

On the way to the restaurant, she also clutched Roxanne’s hand tightly while staring intently at Benny beside her, her eyes filled with concern.

Benny knew that Estella was worried about him, but he had also noticed that she had not spoken a word ever since entering the house.

To try to get her to talk, he pretended to be clueless and quietly sat down at the dining table.

Estella could not help but feel a little anxious upon noticing that Benny had clearly met her gaze but still had not spoken to her.

Opposite her, Benny deliberately put on a look of discomfort while peeking at Estella from time to time.

Anxious, she stammered, “B-Benny!” Only then did he slowly meet her gaze. “What’s the matter?”

Estella frowned and pointed to his stomach. “Not feeling well,” she uttered. Hearing her words, Benny smiled and reassured her,

“I’ve recovered long ago! Didn’t you hear what Mommy said? We’re going back to kindergarten in the next two days!”

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