Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 332

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 332 – Trouble Brews For Roxanne

Upon emerging from the stairwell, Aubree, with a drastic change in her expression, hurriedly walked into the washroom.

Gritting her teeth, she gently knocked her plaster-casted arm against the wall. The impact was instantly followed by her face writhing in agonizing pain.

When she subsequently checked the time and saw that it was the usual hour for Sonya’s visit, Aubree rushed back up the stairs to her ward.

The tremendous pain in her arm, plus climbing six to seven flights of stairs in a single breath,

caused Aubree to be covered in sweat upon returning to her ward. Lucian, who was waiting inside, was about to call her when he heard the commotion beyond the door.

After watching Roxanne leave with the children, he went to the orthopedic department to look for Aubree.

When he didn’t find her there, he decided to return to her ward, where she was still nowhere to be seen.

“Lucian, you’re back.” There was a hint of desolation in her voice. Lucian simply nodded. “Where did you go?”

Aubree pursed her lips into an awkward smile. “After leaving the orthopedic department,

I headed to the pediatric department, thinking that you were there. Since I couldn’t find you, I inquired with the doctor about Ms. Jarvis’

son’s condition with the hope that I could be of some assistance.” Without dwelling too much on her response, Lucian flatly replied,

“If she needs any help, she’ll naturally voice it out.”

Despite his answer, Lucian was cognizant that Roxanne, unless she was truly desperate, would never ask him for assistance.

Aubree nodded before lying back down on the bed. “I had gotten ahead of myself, as the doctor told me that it wasn’t anything serious.”

In the midst of their conversation, a knock on the ward door was heard. As the door opened, in walked Sonya with a concerned expression.

She then took a seat by Aubree’s bed. “How are you feeling today? Does your arm still hurt? Did Lucian take good care of you?”

Aubree, after throwing Lucian a meek glance, answered with a cordial smile, “Yes, he did. Thank you for your concern, Mrs. Farwell.

I’m sure it must be tiring for you to travel back and forth from the hospital every day.

Now that my injury is no longer that serious, you don’t have to trouble yourself so much.”

Sonya protested, “That’s not acceptable. I have to make sure that you’re fully recovered.”

When Aubree responded with a grateful smile, Sonya stroked the former’s cast sympathetically. “

Usually, it takes about a hundred days for fractures to recover. Since you’ll be bored lying in the hospital all day,

I don’t mind dropping by to keep you company.” Suddenly, when Sonya noticed the sweat beading off Aubree’s forehead, she couldn’t help but worry.

Why are you sweating so much? Weren’t you lying in bed the whole time? Is your arm hurting again?”

Aubree squirmed self-consciously, hoping to move her arm out of Sonya’s sight. She explained softly,

“I was just bored from lying down, so I climbed up the stairs just now.”

Upon hearing the answer, a dubious look flashed across Sonya’s eyes before she turned toward her son.

Lucian, unaware that Aubree had climbed the stairs, knitted his brows in response. Nevertheless, Aubree’s excuse did sound reasonable.

“Wasn’t Lucian by your side?” Sonya followed up with a question. Aubree had barely heard it when she glanced instinctively at Lucian.

Her eyes sparkled vibrantly as if she was trying to find an excuse on his behalf.

Sensing Aubree’s awkward position, Sonya, with a frown on her face, turned toward her son and inquired further,

“Where were you when Aubree was climbing up the stairs?” Lucian furrowed his eyebrows in silence.

If he were to tell his mother the truth, she would definitely cause trouble for Roxanne.

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