Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 333

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 333 – I Was Careless

“Aubree, tell me,” Sonya instructed, knowing that it would be impossible to get it out of her son.

As panic flashed across her face, Aubree glanced at Lucian before frowning in resignation.

She, after a brief hesitation, hung her head and explained, “Just now, we ran into Ms. Jarvis when she brought the two boys to the hospital.

When I noticed that her son wasn’t well, it reminded me of Essie, and that caused me to worry. Hence, I decided to get Lucian to check on them.”

As if she was worried that Sonya wasn’t going to believe her, Aubree added, “It was my idea. Lucian had no intention of going over.”

No sooner had she finished than she threw Lucian a knowing look, hinting to him to go along with the excuse she had made on his behalf.

Sonya, who obviously didn’t buy it, glowered at her son. “Is what Aubree said true? Or did you go to check on someone else’s son while she’s injured?”

Lucian remained silent, with his brows wrinkled tensely together.

Sonya, who knew her son like the back of her palm, was aware that he was implicitly admitting to seeing Roxanne’s son and denying Aubree’s claim that
it was her idea for him to go.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that he had gone over on his own accord.

The thought that her son abandoned Aubree, who was injured in the course of saving her, outraged Sonya.

“Even now, Aubree is still trying to cover for you. But what about you? Have you ever considered her feelings before?

How can you allow an injured girl like her to wander the hospital alone? What if someone knocks into her and worsens her injury?”

Reacting to Sonya’s anger, Aubree quickly held the former’s hand and assuaged her, “Mrs. Farwell, I’m fine, as my injury is almost healed.

As for Ms. Jarvis, being a single mother isn’t an easy task. Even though she has made many mistakes, her children are innocent.

Therefore, I was just as worried as Lucian was about her child.” With Aubree’s considerate response, Sonya’s heart warmed for the former.

In fact, she wondered if Roxanne had put a curse on her son for him to be so blinded as not to see how virtuous Aubree was.

“Lucian, don’t you still have some unfinished work to attend to? You should get back to it while I chat with Mrs. Farwell,”

Aubree suggested to Lucian in an understanding tone.

Frowning at the both of them, Lucian had no intention of listening to his mother’s lecture any further.

Thus, he turned and left, closing the door behind him. When she saw how abruptly her son left the room, the guilt Sonya felt toward Aubree intensified.

Aubree, I’m sorry that you have to suffer through this. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Aubree smiled flatly. “It’s nothing. I’m already satisfied with the way he’s treating me now.”

Feeling indignant on Aubree’s behalf, Sonya reassured the former that she would never let Roxanne be married into their family.

However, in the midst of their conversation, she noticed Aubree’s face gradually losing color.

“Aubree, what’s wrong? Did someone knock into your arm just now?” Sonya knitted her brows with a worried look on her face.

Aubree, despite the pulsating pain in her arm, forced out a smile. “No, it’s my fault for not being careful.”

Aubree indirectly admitted that there was something wrong with her arm.

Sonya stared at Aubree, her eyes filled with suspicion. “What in the world happened? Did you really hurt yourself?”

She couldn’t believe that Aubree was careless after staying in the hospital for such a long time without incident

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